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  • KM and Practices in Family Firms
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KM and Practices in Family Firms

Yong Wang
Yong Wang
Walter Vesperi
Walter Vesperi

Mini Track Chair: Yong Wang, University of Wolverhampton, UK & Walter Vesperi, University of Messina, Italy  

ECKM 2022 Mini Track on KM and Practices in Family Firms  

In recent years, scholars and practitioners have recognized knowledge as the most important resource in organizational processes and for this reason an extensive literature on strategic knowledge management (KM) has been consolidated. From this perspective, it becomes vital for the survival and success of organizations to facilitate the creation, storage, transfer and application of knowledge.  

There are many studies on KM in family firms and insights concerning businesses in general. Few studies have focused on the transfer and sharing of knowledge between different generations. The purpose of this mini-track is to deepen the aspects and concepts of knowledge management in family firms. Theoretical, as well as practical contributions, are invited to this mini track. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • New trends in Knowledge Management Practices in Family Firms
  • Knowledge transfer and knowledge translation dynamics in family and no-family firms
  • Strategies, approaches, tactics and mechanism for generational succession
  • Failures and success stories in KM in Family Firms

The best papers presented will be selected for quick review in the International Journal of Management Practice (IJMP, Inderscience).