ICTR Pre-Conference Workshops

Wednesday 13th March 2019

11:00 – 14:30

Education on Tourism and Hospitality Led by Rosalyn Eder, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria [Download not found]
Internationalization has become one of the top policy priorities of higher education institutions across the globe. In Europe, the Erasmus+ and its predecessor funding streams have basically become the linchpin of international activities and efforts. However, how clear are we as administrators of and academics in study programmes on the goals and objectives of our internationalization activities? How can we integrate research into our internationalization strategy, beyond collaborating with colleagues across the pond? In this workshop, will examine and critically reflect on the various and sometimes conflicting goals of internationalization through an analytical framework. We will also look at research as one of the pillars of internationalization and how research could be integrated into our internationalization strategy. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to conceptualize a holistic approach to internationalization and formulate concrete measures to achieve their internationalization goals.
The workshop promotes reflexive thinking on the education on tourism and hospitality in contemporary societies.

15:00 – 17:00

Participative Research Methods in Tourism Led by João Queiroz, Aga Khan Foundation, Portugal [Download not found] This workshop addresses the methodological process of participatory diagnosis and creating the conditions for the participation of a given community (i.e., residents, technicians and professionals) in research. It focus the sharing, and subsequent analysis, of the perceptions and representations that a community has about experiences and living conditions and how it characterizes itself, taking into account collective identification (the neighbourhood, the place, the territory...). Participatory diagnosis methods constitute the first step to compromise residents, technicians and professionals with the change they will carry out. This workshop will help participants to develop skills in participative research, which are vital to community intervention, namely:
  • Understand a reality given by the voice of those who live there, work or exercise their professional activity
  • Promote collective action, seeking to ensure this way Processes of greater adequacy of projects and solutions. 

The cost of attending the above workshop is £30 for participants registered for the International Conference on Tourism Research (ICTR) and £60 for anyone wishing to participate who is not attending the conference. The workshop will take place at the University Portucalense, Porto, Portugal To reserve a place on this workshop please use the online form: https://www.academic-conferences.org/conferences/ictr/ictr-registration/ For further information email: annette@academic-conferences.org