ECRM Keynote Speakers

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECRM 2020.

Finding the right Keywords: How to help students effectively use keywords (thesis, dissertation or research article)

Joao José Pinto Ferreira, University of Porto, Portugal

Using the right keywords for a search in main databases such as SCOPUS or ISI Web of Science is essential for a useful literature review. However, students new to a topic are seldom able to pick the best keywords. Seasoned researchers would likely perform well in their domain of expertise; albeit, they would likely struggle to do it effectively outside that specific domain. Any researcher that has done this before will know that finding the right academic publications is an iterative process. What we shall discuss in my lecture is how we can use public domain, free software tools, to help young researchers or researchers new to a domain to navigate through thousands of publications and to assess if what they have found in their search reflects what they do in fact want.