ECRM Keynote Speakers

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECRM 2019.

Being a Successfully Published Academic Researcher

Prof. Dan Remenyi , University of the Western Cape

The framework in which academic research is conducted is not generally well understood. Neither is it often articulated or discussed. Early career academics are expected to acquire an understanding of this through a process more related to osmosis than to the principles of academic discourse. Here the main issues, at a rather high level which should be understood by all those who wish to pursue a successful academic career, are presented.

From Clinician to Researcher to Manager: The Practical Application of Research Methodology

Dr Jayshina Punwasi, Helen Joseph Hospital, Gauteng

Operationalising research can pose a challenge for any manager, but in the rapidly changing, and highly politicised field of healthcare management, it can be both a stumbling block and an enabler to providing treatment to the most vulnerable in society. Using evidence-based research and multi-criteria decision making, healthcare managers are constantly looking for robust studies with strong methodologies and appropriate recommendations applicable to the local context. The practical application of research methodology within the healthcare sector demonstrates through real-life examples how research methodologies are adapted for industry and for public sector, and the vital need for well-structured research studies to inform decision-making in a resource limited environment.