ECRM Keynote Speakers

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECRM 2020.

Unlocking the Algorithm of Research Methods

Maria José Sousa 

The increasing power of big data and algorithmic models in all fields and contexts has raised concerns among academics, and researchers. A problem particularly difficult to address in research is the possibility that data used may be inaccurate or inappropriate, algorithmic modelling may be biased or limited, and the uses of algorithms are still not clear in many fields of research. However new avenues for research have emerged, using new methods, new tools, and new data analysis techniques, and consequently the collaboration among experts in different fields is starting to yield important responses. Researchers are going beyond the analysis of extant data, and the possibilities in fields as Education, Health, Public Administration, Law, and others are becoming a real challenge. 

The Future of Data Analysis

Dr Ana Maria da Palma Moreira

 Data analysis is becoming more and more demanding. At the moment, data analysis is not limited to the simple use of SPSS Statistics software. We are increasingly required to use the general model of structural equations, and this only can be done using the AMOS Graphics software. On the other hand, there are now many studies in which we have several moderating variables or several serial mediating variables. To test these effects, we will have to use Macro Process 3.3, developed by Hayes (2013). The near future of Data Analysis is this.