ICGR Keynote Outlines

Keynote Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ICGR 2018.

Female entrepreneurship in the digital era

Dr Dragana Djermanovic

Entrepreneurs are empowered to test, ask, explore and to change the world with their ideas.  We all have the means, tools, and opportunities to make an impact but are those means truly equal for all? What are the main differences, what are the most challenging obstacles and what are the most valuable advantages for female entrepreneurs in the digital era and what can we learn from global best practices? This presentation will tackle the issue of business equality, shedding light on financial, educational, legal and other formal preconditions that can affect the starting and up-scaling of female business ventures.

Impowering Women through Intellectual Capital: A Croatian Case Study

Karmen Jelcic

The concepts of knowledge, innovation and the creative economy have been accepted by academia for sometime now. The same applies to intellectual capital (IC), which is widely considered to be a key business factor of the contemporary economy. In contrast to this, many representatives of Croatian institutions and local governments are still ignorant with regard to the aforementioned issues. This is a serious obstacle with regard to institutional support and project funding. Such was the case with the Croatian project, “Development of Women Entrepreneurship through Intellectual Capital ". The empowerment of women through Intellectual Capital could be realised as a result of the knowledge, persistence and collaborative efforts of women from the Croatian Businesswomen Association KRUG, Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Center of Economics and the Croatian Development Bank. According to the official poll carried out during the project, it was a success. All 80 participants found it useful and empowering. They appreciated the fact that it was almost an exclusive “female affair” – female project creators, supporters, coordinators, organisers, speakers as well as participants. Such women power created a stimulating atmosphere for learning, but also for sharing stories about gender specific challenges, which women enterpreneurs face in their business life. This presentation will provide an overview of the project, highlighting some interesting insights.