ICGR Keynote Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ICGR 2021

Gender in the Time of COVID: Imagining a More Inclusive (Tourism) World?

Prof. Erica Wilson

As the saying goes, COVID is a feminist issue. In this keynote, Erica will reflect on the role, impact and importance of gender during the time of COVID. Specifically, she will discuss the ways in which the pandemic has affected the domains of work, home, mobility, and academia – and the now even blurrier lines among them. Drawing from a socially just approach to tourism and travel, Erica will propose some thoughts on a gender-focussed framework which might offer a more hopeful and inclusive way forward as we navigate the impacts of the coronavirus

Gender, Ageing and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Dr Vanessa Ratten

Most of the current research on gender and entrepreneurship assumes a younger demographic is the instigator of entrepreneurial activity. This assumption is not correct as increasing numbers of older females are entrepreneurs. This keynote talk will discuss the role entrepreneurial ecosystems play in developing, maintaining and growing entrepreneurship amongst older females. This is particularly important given the socio-economic changes that have occured as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, but also new government and workplace policies regarding female entrepreneurship. Therefore, this talk will focus on the practical implications of encouraging entrepreneurial ecosytems in terms of drawing on experience, social networks and co-creation to develop amongst older female entrepreneurs.