ECKM Biographies

Below are the ECKM Biographies of the Conference and Programme Chairs, Key Note Speakers and Mini-Track Chairs.

Conference and Programme Chairs


Dr Eduardo Tomé gained is PhD in Economics (2001), with a Thesis on the European Social Fund. Since then he has worked in several Portuguese private universities. He published 40 papers in peer-reviewed Journals and presented 75 papers in international conferences. He also authored 7 book chapters, He was involved in organising MSKE 2009, ECKM 2010, MSKE 2011, UFHRD Europe 2012, TAKE 2016, UFHRD 2017, TAKE 2017 and TAKE 218 Conferences which he also co-edited the Proceedings and edited four Specials Issues in EJKM, EJTD and IJKBD. Since September 2013 he has worked at Universidade Europeia in Lisbon, Portugal. His main interests are Intangibles (Human Resources, Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital), Social Policy and International Economics (globalization and the European Integration).


Dr. Francisco Cesário Degree in Economics at ISEG / University of Lisbon, MPhil in Business & Management - Specialization Human Resources Management at Middlesex University Business School (UK) and PhD in Labor Sciences at the University of Cadiz (Spain). From 2012 to 2013 he went to the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) to do a Post Doc integrated in the WOPP-Work, Organization & Personnel Psychology Research Group where he continues as Associate Researcher. Has 10 publications in Scientific Journals and Conference Proceedings, 4 chapters of books and 2 books published. He regularly presents communications at national and international scientific events in the field of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior. He has been an Assistant Professor at the European University since 2012 under the scope of the Master's Degree in Human Resource Management and since 2010 Assistant Professor at the ISPA University Institute. For 20 years he has held several human resources management positions at Companhia Portuguesa Rádio Marconi and companies of the Portugal Telecom Group.


Raquel Reis Soares is Assistant Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Social and Business Sciences at Universidade Europeia Lisbon since September 2016. She has a PhD in Business Sciences with specialization in Marketing and Strategy from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto. She holds a Master's degree in Marketing and a degree in Business Management from the Faculty of Economics and Management of Universidade Católica. She belongs to the CSOD - Research Center for Spatial and Organizational Dynamics - University of the Algarve and has research interests, conference presentations and international publications in the areas of service marketing, consumer behavior, brand management and communication. In 2014 she received the "Young Service Researcher Award" awarded by the Service Innovation Lab at the University of Canberra at the 5th International Research Symposium in Service Management. She lectured at the University of Aveiro between 2008 and 2015, having been responsible for several curricular areas of the graduation in Finance and Marketing, and in the Masters in Marketing. At the corporate level, she was active in the banking sector and worked in the area of ​​Management Control.

Mini Track Chairs


Constantin Bratianu is Professor Emeritus of Strategic Management and Knowledge Management, UNESCO Department for Business Administration and Founding Director of the Research Center for Intellectual Capital, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania. He has been Visiting Professor at universities in USA, Japan, Austria, Hungary and Egypt. He published over 25 books and 200 papers in international journals and volumes of international conferences. He is Associate Editor of Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management, and co-editor of the international journal of Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy.  He is a member of the American Academy of Management, Romanian Academy of Scientists, and International Association of Knowledge Management. His academic interests are: knowledge dynamics, knowledge management, intellectual capital, and strategic management.