ECEL Keynote Speaker Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECEL 2019.

An Interactive Exploration of Higher Education (HE) Pedagogy Using Game Design Features and Technologies: Towards Next Generation Webinar Learning

Dr Anthony 'Skip' Basiel

For participants to gain the best experience from the session, this presentation requires the use of smartphones with QR code readers and we would like you get involved by completing a pre-event ice-breaker task. During the session, the use of an innovative webinar design as a future blended learning solution is critically reviewed. We conclude with an introduction to a 360* Immersive Fishbowl Webinar learning solution that applies the theory and technology discussed. A toolkit to inform the application of possible next generation blended learning curriculum is provided to readers who want to apply their knowledge acquired from this unique learning event. Before the conference   Login as a Guest with your name - complete the pre-survey and test your Adobe Connect keynote blended webinar:  

Does IT work? Investigating factors at play in e-learning research 

Mie Buhl, Bente Meyer, Rikke Ørngreen

E-learning has been a part of the educational picture for decades. New digital devices, platforms or services are often seen as the drivers for the changing of perspectives on learning designs and practices. E-learning is a domain that takes on  a multitude of approaches to find solutions in a complex field of diverse teaching subjects and disciplines, a variety of professional arenas and local institutions with different institutional pre-requisites and learning cultures. How and when do we know if e-learning works? Can these questions be answered by following the logics of technology, to administer baseline, pre- and post-tests, or rely on data collected by an Artificial Intelligence. This may be useful for researching some aspects. However, we also see that these perspectives often focus more on retention than on theory-practice dimensions or more on user experience with the technology, than on the participants learning.    How do we set criteria of research for successful digital learning processes? In this Keynote, three researchers from Aalborg University’s LAB: ICT and Learning Design (ILD-lab)  provide a dialogic presentation of issues related to doing research in a domain that is broad and diverse. Based on years of experience with designing for and doing research on e-learning they take on the stance that  matters of ‘learning’ comes first. And that  new digital solutions emerge from the identification of real-life problems in connection with the identification of the target group preconditions and the contextualisation of learning objectives.