Reflection and Reflexivity

as keys to Academic Research Success

 A two-hour Webinar

23rd March 2023

Presented by: Professor Dan Remenyi

Ensuring success with academic research requires an intensive focus which can often be difficult to sustain over the period required for a research degree or even for the preparation of an academic paper for publication in a journal or for a conference. The use of reflection and reflexive techniques can assist researchers achieve their objectives by helping to anticipate problems, identify issues and correct misunderstandings. Reflection is about pausing to ensure that the research is right on track while Reflexivity involves understanding the interrelationships between the sets of assumptions, biases, and perspectives that may underpin different facets of the research project. Reflection and reflexivity help to ensure the integration and alignment of the different aspects of the research.

This webinar will introduce participants to using reflection and reflexivity as tools to assist in producing a comprehensive and cohesive argument which is required for the success of their research.

This webinar delivers practical useful information which can be put to immediate use. It is relevant to academics from most Faculties, Departments and Schools.

Webinar outline

Different Types of working modes

  • Default Mode Network (DMN)
  • Reflection
  • Reflexivity

Research process

  • Problem and/or research question identification
  • Establishing an appropriate strategy to address the answering of the problem/question
  • Identification, collection, and management of the data
  • Data analysis and the production of findings there from
  • Conclusions and recommendations

Research authentication and validity

  • The quality of academic research
  • Reviewing Popper, Lakatos, Khune, Feyerabend etc.

Using a research protocol as a management tool

  • The need for planning and the need for flexibility
  • What is the proposal really for?
  • The building of a research protocol
  • Special issues such as ethics

Reflection and reflexivity at work

  • The anatomy and physiology of a research project
  • A step-by-step approach

Problems to be avoided

  • Risk in academic research
  • Avoiding driving using the rear-view-mirror

Preparing for examination

  • Preparing the argument
  • Field testing

The webinar will be held on Thursday 23rd March 2023, and it will run to GMT time using Zoom. The Zoom Room will open at 1:45pm (GMT) and the event will begin at 2:00pm (GMT) and will finish at 4:00pm (GMT). The attendance fee is £40+VAT.

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