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The 19th European Conference on Knowledge Management

Hosted by: Università degli studi di Padova - Palazzo Bo,
via VIII Febbraio,
2, 35122 Padova 

6 –7 September 2018

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Best PhD Paper

In Search of a Framework for Personal Healthcare Management in Oncology
Marisol Hurtado Illanes and José María Viedma Martí, Technical, University of Catalonia, Spain

Poster Winner

Knowledge Management Model for Communities Creating Health: A Systemic Perspective
Monika Petraite, Lina Uziene and Brigita Mazenyte, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

Competition Winners


1st Place

Securing Knowledge Management Position in a Challenging and Complex Environment
Mohsen Hamedi, Firoozeh Hadian Dehkordi and Maryam Barikiany, MAPNA R&D, Iran

2nd Place

Wien mags wissen: 'Vienna likes to know' The Knowledge Management Strategy of a 'City of Knowledge': From the Project Order to Implementation
Anabela Horta, Vienna City Administration, Austria

3rd Place

Knowledge Management and Cultural Change in a Knowledge‐Intensive Public Organization: The Case of Swissmedic
Michael Renaudin, Swissmedic, Bern, Switzerland, Francesca Dal Mas, Andrea Galatti and Maurizio Massaro, University of Udine, Italy

Executive Committee

Conference Co-Chairs:  Eleonora Di Maria and  Enrico Scarso,University of Padova, Italy

Programme Chair:  Ettore Bolisani, University of Padova, Italy

Key Note Speakers:

Antonella Padova, Global Advisory Community Lead, EY
From Knowledge Management to Community Management: Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Simone Strambach, Philipps-University Marburg, Germany
Combinatorial knowledge dynamics in social and sustainability innovation - context matters

A Message of Thanks

We extend our thanks to all participants at the conference, both presenters and attendees and gratefully acknowledge the support of the University of Padua, Italy, and the assistance provided by the Conference Chair and keynote speakers. The stream and mini track chairs are to be applauded for their efforts in ensuring that timekeeping requirements were respected by all participants and the chair and discussants of the PhD Colloquium are thanked for their invaluable contribution to this important part of the conference.

Finally, we value and unreservedly acknowledge the essential role performed by the executive and programme committees in respect of the double blind review process.

We trust that that overall the conference exceeded your expectations; we welcome your feedback

The 18th European Conference on Knowledge Management

ECKM 2017 Winners

Best PhD Paper
Towards Sustainable Knowledge Management in High-Performance Sport
Divyata Sohal, Gillian Ragsdell and Donald Hislop, Loughborough University, UK

Poster Winner
Knowledge Sharing Utilizing Student Input to Scenario Building in Gaming
Tone Vold, Ole Jørgen Ranglund, Geir Ove Venemyr, Bjørn Tallak Bakken and Hanne Haave, Inland University of Applied Sciences, Norway

Competition Winners
1st Place: Charnwood Connect: Holistic Knowledge Management for Building Resilience in the Voluntary Sector
Moya Hoult, Gillian Ragsdell, Peter Davey and Paul Snape, Loughborough University, UK

2nd Place:  CKT at the EPO – Knowledge Management in an International Organization
Hanno Schombacher, Jeremy Scott and Lars Vistisen, European Patent Office (EPO), Germany

3rd Place: The State of the Art and Science of Knowledge Management at NASA Goddard Space flight Center 
Moses Adoko, Edward Rogers and Juan Roman, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA

Special Winner: A Knowledge Management System for the Prevention and Detection of Breast and Cervical Cancer
Carlos Ruiz, Carlos Gomez and Marcelo Lopez

Executive Committee

Conference Co-Chairs: Dr José M. Viedma, UPC Polytechnic University of Catalonia and UPC  Barcelona, Spain. Dr Frederic Marimon and Dr Marta Mas-Machuca, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC), Spain.

Programme Co-Chairs Dr Jasmina Berbegal-Mirabent and Dr Ramon Bastida Vialcanet, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC), Spain.

Key Note Speakers:

Ewa Ziemba 

"Prosumption: Utilization of Consumer Knowledge in Enterprises"

Prof. Eric Tsui

"Re-wiring our brain in the Cloud: Excelling with Knowledge Work in the age of digitalisation"

David Gurteen

"Empowering Conversation in the Workplace."

ECKM 2016 Belfast, Northern Ireland

Best PhD Paper
Value-added Knowledge Management in Third Sector Organisations (TSOs)
Bernadette Best, Ulster University,  Northern Ireland

Highly Commended PhD Paper
Knowledge Management Across Boundaries in an Interdisciplinary Research Project in Thailand
Titima Thumbumrung, University of Sheffield, UK

Best Poster
Socializing with Robots
Sarah Muller, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

ECKM 2015, Udine, Italy

Best PhD Paper
Service Employees use of a Social Intranet for Tacit Knowledge Externalisation
Vanessa Bachmaier, University of Innsbruck,  Austria

Best Posters
Wisdom and Its Managing in Auditing
Loan Nguyen , Youji Kohda, School of Knowledge Science, JAIST

What Do We Know? Building a Knowledge Concept Map
Philip Sisson and Julie Ryan, George Washington University, USA

Excellence Award Winners

1st Place
Irish Defence Forces’ Information and Knowledge Management (IKM)
Barry Byrne, Defence Forces Headquarters, Ireland

2nd Place
Ipea´s Knowledge Repository
Fábio Ferreira Batista,Institute for Applied Economic Research -Ipea, Brazil

3rd Place
Lessons learnt from nearly two hundred cases of KM journeys by Hong Kong and Asian enterprise
Eric Tsui, The Hong Kong Polytechnic Universtiy, Hong Kong SAR China