ECIE Workshop

Pre Conference Workshop

16th September 2020

13:00 - 15:30 

Introducing Art in Entrepreneurial Teaching and a Reflection on Creativity.

Presented by Dr Alexandros Kakouris, Hellenic Open University, Greece

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In many educational articles and guidelines teachers are encouraged to introduce innovations to their entrepreneurial teaching practices. Indeed, entrepreneurship education has often pursued experiential learning methods in order to engage students and inspire them toward business venturing. Recent developments in the field also summon for learning innovations in order to promote critical reflection. The incorporation of art pieces into teaching has been a practice followed in many other disciplines, along with counseling, for years. This is a method based on direct experience which involves sentiments in the learning process. The workshop will demonstrate various forms of art including: The use of music; The use of movies; The use of plays; The use of novels; for different teaching purposes including: Stimulation; Communication of notions and concepts; Critical reflection. In the second part, an activity for the role of creativity in entrepreneurship will be presented and discussed. Through the activity, the connection of creativity with innovation will be critically examined.

Participants are welcome to experience and discuss innovative entrepreneurial teaching through the aesthetic experience. Each participant will also gain an understanding on how to implement them in the classroom. Sharing of knowledge from participants from their own techniques of innovative teaching is also encouraged.

Learning outcomes:

  • To introduce educators to innovative techniques to teach the various components of entrepreneurship.
  • To develop an understanding of how these innovative techniques engage a new student body.
  • To examine activities based on experiential practices with learning processes and objectives.
  • To gain insights into different activities for different purposes and for different levels of education.
  • To reflect on practices and share knowledge and to consider the adaption and implementation of the specific activities in own teaching practice.

The workshop is aimed at Entrepreneurship education scholars and teachers.

Workshop Application details:

The workshop will be held the day before ECIE 2020.  The cost of attending the workshop online is £20 for participants registered for the European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and £50 for anyone wishing to participate who is not attending the conference.

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