ECIE Workshop

Pre Conference Workshop - Wednesday 19th September 2018

11:00 - 13:00

Micro-Entrepreneurship: New Research Avenues and collaboration Presented by: Matti Muhos, University of Oulu, Finland

ECIE 2018 Pre-Conference Workshop- Micro-Entrepreneurship: New Research Avenues and collaboration

This workshop aims at establishing a platform for new research avenues for micro-enterprise focused researchers and practitioners. In this workshop, we will explore new avenues for applying micro-entrepreneurship research. The workshop includes a presentation by research professor Matti Muhos and inspirational introductions from selected researchers. The workshop will discuss the key challenges, solutions and empirically-based examples of how academic research meets practice in micro-entrepreneurship. We invite participants interested in micro-enterprises and micro-entrepreneurs facing new European and global challenges to attend. Each participant will be asked to briefly present his / her research approaches to and experiences of conducting micro-entrepreneurship research. Discussions during the workshop seek to find new avenues for European micro-entrepreneurship research. From the workshop we hope to promote new research collaborations and build international, multi-disciplinary research consortiums.

The workshop is organized by the Micro-entrepreneurship research group MicroENTRE at University of Oulu, Finland (,

14:00 - 16:00

Using ​ Design​ ​ Thinking to​ Create​ a​ ​more ​Innovative ​Culture​ in​ ​ your​ Organization Presented by: Christy​ ​Suciu​,​ ​Boise​ ​State​ ​University,​ ​USA

ECIE 2018 Pre-Conference Workshop - Using ​ Design​ ​ Thinking to​ Create​ a​ ​more ​Innovative ​Culture​ in​ ​ your​ Organization

As many practitioners have worked to incorporate design thinking in their innovation efforts they often run into a roadblock in terms of the need to infuse design thinking in their organization’s culture in which they practice. Currently there is a large movement whereby companies are asking for guidance on how to change their culture towards a more human centered (user driven) design thinking culture for innovation and creativity in solving problems and creating new value. This workshop discusses many successful endeavors to bring about organizational change in the use of design thinking including such industries as manufacturing, sales, service, and public sectors. Key themes discussed in this workshop involve the common understanding for what needs to be changed in the organization, the commitment and reservations in the process of change itself, while working with the company and the end user. Discussion will include the important linkage between organizational change processes and design thinking processes, tools and initiatives.

At this workshop example will be given for how companies used: co-creation, prototyping, standards and measurements, emotional commitment, short-term vs. long term investment, taking risk-not mitigating risk, environmental change to change behavior and reward systems. These are elements that practitioners wishing to infuse a more​ ​innovative​ ​design​ ​thinking​ ​culture​ ​into​ ​their​ ​organization​ ​should​ ​be​ ​implementing.

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The cost of attending these workshops is £30 for participants registered for the European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and £60 for anyone wishing to participate who is not attending the conference.

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