ECCWS Pre-Conference Workshops

Wednesday 26 June 2024

10:00 - 13:00

How Cyber Warfare and Information Operations are changing Everything!
Presented by Dr Leigh Armistead, CISSP

This half-day seminar presents an overview of the key issues which are of concern in today’s challenging world of cyber warfare and cyber security.

There is increasing concern that our systems are vulnerable to attack from numerous sources and that these attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. It is therefore essential to understand these threats and to be able to create and implement a robust policy of self defence.

This programme takes participants through all the important issues to be considered to ensure that cyber attacks do not disrupt an organization’s operations.

Program outline

What is Information and Cyber Warfare?

  • Why are they different than the traditional focus on Air, Land and Sea capabilities?
  • Theoretical IW versus Reality
  • How have the elements of power changed over the last two decades?
  • At the Strategic Level, who controls this power? 
  • If it is not the USG, how can we influence it?

Is there an Operational element of IW?

  • If so, who owns it, what is there span of control and influence?
  • B-Roll, Positive stories, the strength of trust via relationships.
  • What can we not control?
  • Historical Examples: Revolutionary War, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Disinformation Campaigns by foreign/domestic groups

Offensive vs Defensive IW

  • Does it matter?  Who can do it?  Are you allowed?
  • If so, do you have trained personnel?
  • What about blowback at the strategic/operational level?
  • From a military aspect, what is in scope?
  • Long-term strategic US objectives

Examples of Current IW Ops

  • Russia, China, North Korea, Iran

Moving forward – what should we expect?

  • Ransomware to government / corporations
  • Online propaganda to influence diplomatic/military ops
  • Social Media off-line
  • The IoT is an attack vector

The Seminar will run from 10:00 until 13:00 on Wednesday 26th June 2024 at University of Jyväskylä, Finland

The attendance fee is £40. Fees include an electronic copy of the course materials. This workshop is for physical attendance only. 

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