ECKM Keynote Speakers

Keynote Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECKM 2016

Remarkable, Radical Relentless

Alistair Fee

Knowledge management goes hand-in-hand with knowledge creation Remarkable innovation needs radical and relentless effort. Knowledge management requires knowledge creation, knowledge evolution and an awareness of everything. This keynote address will challenge us to explore innovation further than ever before. Innovation is not only incremental but at times it has to be unexpected. We find the unexpected in unusual places. Alistair Fee will sharpen your approach to creativity and brighten your morning with a plethora of national and international creative stories that have changed the direction of many organisations. Great innovation requires tenacity and a flexible, fast moving, observant mindset.  We must all become more agile. Pedagogy, Andragogy and Heutagogy all have their place but outstanding innovation occurs when we create collisions between diverse thinking and all our senses Interesting examples of innovation, conceived in the chaos of commerce, will concentrate and consolidate our collective consensus so that we can become more creative. Let's look at how some super businesses have become ideas colliders.  
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IKON, a case study of a multi award winning knowledge Management programme in a 9000+ organisation

Barry Byrne

This talk covers the case study of IKON, (Information and Knowledge ONline) a multi-award-winning implementation of SharePoint 2013 as a complete intranet solution in the Irish Defence Forces. The talk covers the academic research behind the project, senior leadership engagement, user adoption, change management, information architecture and enterprise social to name but a few of the topics covered by Major Barry Byrne, project and program lead for IKON. Key learning areas include:
  • academic research backing up the decisions that guided the project
  • senior leadership engagement/change management
  • enterprise social for knowledge management.