ICTR Submission Topics

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
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      • Agriculture Tourism
      • Volunteer Tourism
      • Impact of Augmented Reality in the Tourism Industry
      • Evolution of the hotel and tourism industry
      • Challenges facing the tourism industry today - safety, morality, sustainability
      • Changes in tourists behaviours - impact on economy and management
      • Tourism and Consumer Behaviour
      • Digital tourism
      • Tourism 2.0
      • Employment and the workforce in tourism and hospitality
      • Quality of work-life
      • Data analysis in Tourism and hospitality Research
      • Tourism Industry Brand Management
      • Tourism Risk Management
      • Knowledge management in the tourism industry
      • Organizational communication in hospitality/tourism companies
      • Tourism economics
      • Tourism/hospitality law and ethics
      • Gastronomy and tourism
      • Decision-making tools in the tourism industry