ECIE Keynote Speaker Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECIE 2020.

NoBORDER INNOVATION – African & European Models of Teaching Entrepreneurship & Innovation

This panel examines models of teaching entrepreneurship & innovation across Africa and Europe. In particular, the panelists – whose expertise spans adaptive hypermedia, user modeling, digital gamification, innovative education delivery systems, and entrepreneurship studies across Ireland, UK, Rwanda, South Africa, Nigeria, and the Netherlands – will present diverse perspectives on key paradigm shifts in today’s learning models, tools and outcomes. By opening a discussion that explores the diversity of industry needs and learning experiences, the panel aims to foster an enriching conversation about 21st century pedagogy and applied learning. Today the context of Africa – where more than 60% of the population is under the age of 25 and where by 2100 the youth population is expected to be twice the size of the entire population of Europe – is an incredible opportunity to highlight the importance of innovation, entrepreneurship and futures thinking. The relevance of that discussion in a year of COVID-19 could not be more pertinent.