ECIE Keynote Speaker Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECIE 2024

Suboptimality: The Inefficient Truth

Led by Olivier Hamant

The marks of humanity are omnipresent on Earth. In turn, the multiple impacts on our environment question the values of this "progress" and its trajectory. Our response so far appears too slow or ill-adapted: many sustainable development solutions are counterproductive and the perspective of a general slowdown does not mobilize either. By studying living systems, we could learn a different way to be "Earthlings". While modern human societies have focused their efforts on efficiency and efficacy, life is instead built on heterogeneity, slowness, fluctuations, incoherence... to be robust in a fluctuating environment. This may open another path to build the age of robustness and cooperation, against the dogma of performance.

Meaningful Innovation

Led by Stéphanie Buisine

We tend to view present time and current world dynamics as impossible to change. But this is like overlooking the huge societal transformations which occurred in the past along the history of mankind. In this talk, we will discuss a developmental approach to Innovation, the concept itself and its role in society, in parallel with the development of societies and organizations, and with the evolution of human aspirations. This overview on the role and sense of Innovation in society may help us understand current phenomena and support meaningful innovation in the future.