ICTR Biographies

Below are the ICTR Biographies of the Conference and Programme Chairs, Key Note Speakers and Mini-Track Chairs.

Conference and Programme Chairs


Cristina Sousa is Assistant Professor at Universidade Portucalense (UPT) and director and researcher at REMIT – Research on Economics, Management and Information Technologies. She has a Master’s degree in Economics and Management of Science and Technology and a PhD in Economics, both from ISEG/UTL (Lisbon, Portugal). Her research interests include the following topics: innovation processes and their socio-economic effects; knowledge and innovation networks; entrepreneurship; the transition to sustainable systems; and business models for the circular economy


Dr Isabel Vaz de Freitas, is an Associate Professor with Aggregation at Portucalense University. She is a research member of REMIT (Research on Economics, Management and Information Technologies) and researcher member of LAB2PT at Minho University. Isabel is a Correspondent of the Portuguese Academy of History as well as the Head of the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture. Dr Vaz de Freitas is the Coordinator and professor of several study cycles in the area of Heritage and Tourism at both the undergraduate and masters level, she is also on a number of master's dissertation and doctoral dissertation juries. Isabel has also been working on a number of local, national and international projects with local councils and businesses. Her main areas of research are cultural landscape, territorial development and tourism, creative tourism and water landscape on which topics she has published papers and books.


Jorge Marques is an Assistant Professor at the University Portucalense (UPT) and researcher at REMIT - Research in Economics, Management and Information Technologies. He is also a researcher at CEGOT - Centre of Studies on Geography and Spatial Planning. He has a degree in Hospitality Management from the Higher Institute of Espinho, and PhD in Tourism, Leisure and Culture, from the University of Coimbra (Portugal). His research interests include the themes related to hospitality management, tourism management and planning, with special emphasis in the Business Tourism segment.

Keynote Speakers

Mini-Track Chairs