ECGBL Keynote Speaker Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECGBL 2019.

Social Gamification - Blended learning games

Simon Egefeldt-Nielsen CEO, Serious Games Interactive, Denmark

Over the year’s gamification have gone from golden boy to villain. Maybe the truth is more nuanced. In this keynote the potential of social gamification is explored – as an alternative to shallow gamification. Social gamification draws on resents trends in micro-learning, close-to-praxis and collaboration as a new blended format. Bringing back gamification to its roots and beyond pointification.

Playful play-design – balancing between danger and safety in children full body play

Helle Marie Skovbjerg Design School Kolding, Denmark

The aim is to highlight the features of play design that enable children to explore the balance between danger and safety in their full body-play. The play design should support children enabling the extension of play practices, increasing competence, and even reducing danger while increasing risk-taking.

LEGO Education in corporation with LEGO Foundation

A short keynote presentation will inform the conference on the goals and impact of the LEGO LEAGUEs through Games Based Learning. This with a focus on STEM and design for human movement and the LEGO Foundation's research on other similar projects.  LEGO Education and the LEGO Foundation will present in a hands-on session, how FIRST LEGO League enables every student to succeed through a unique hands-on experience that facilitates learning through physical and digital creation. At the ECGBL 2019, we would like to highlight the themes designs for learning STEM, play, movement health, and creativity. The themes are reflected through, for instance, “The Microgravity Marathon” project case of the challenge guide for the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE 2018/2019