ECGBL Keynote Speaker Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECGBL 2022.

Eco gaming: How feminism and play are key to changing the world

Patrícia Gouveia

This talk will show concrete experiences in gaming and speculative feminism to create awareness about the world we are living and to project future possibilities. Arts and design participatory strategies and a tradition of critical and interdisciplinary studies in humanities mediated by technologies helped shape these possibilities. Concrete playful projects will be considered to suggest the potential of these works to address complex problems and to stimulate innovation and research. Gaming research methodologies will be inquired to involve people in a common context. It will also show how collaborations can contribute to open spaces to a more integrated approach on the interests of people, and to promote a more sustainable and dynamic future

Designing Serious Games through Research: A Relational Perspective

Petros Lameras

This keynote talk will perpetuate on processes and practices of designing serious games through research. It will contemplate on the design of a serious game that helped teachers to employ inquiry-based learning in the science classroom. The keynote will particularly highlight the relational research approach to game design from the perspective of the players themselves. It will discuss key game design aspects in terms of embedding teaching and learning strategies to game mechanics, how to align learning outcomes with game goals and how to design feedback and progress indicators as means to provide different ways for players to learn through representing and visualising different forms of feedback. The keynote will illustrate how game design can be situated towards varied ways of experiencing learning and teaching and it will illuminate game design influences as part of questioning the notion of experiencing serious games design as autotelic highlighting the self-contained purposes and goals only relevant within the game’s context and separated from lived experiences.