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There is an ever increasing need for high quality research in most if not all aspects of 21st century society. Universities are the primary provider of quality research education. Quality research education requires the participation of both established faculty, newly appointed staff and research students. There is also the requirement for academe to reach out to the general society as comprehensively as possible. As the university sector become increasingly focused on research excellence there is a need to provide more fora, primarily in the form of peer reviewed conferences, for academics to exchange ideas, questions, problems, and achievements concerning their personal research activities. These fora provide opportunities to exchange ideas, to experience critiques and to obtain some recognition for individuals’ progress towards research excellence. The more international the fora the more effective it is. Although publishing in highly rated indexed academic journals is still the most prized form of academic communication, the conference has become a significant outlet for research findings as well as an important facilitator to achieving this goal.


To facilitate the creation of global academic research communities by providing all the administrative and management functions required to deliver a comprehensive academic conference experience. This is supported by the provision of seminars, workshops and the publishing of suitable books, monographs and proceeding. It is also supported by 5 academic journals some of which are Scopus and Web of Science indexed.

ACI's conference activities

For over 20 years we have facilitated conferences globally. Originally our focus was entirely on ICT but over the years we have broadened this but there is still a strong leaning towards ICT. Currently there are 16 conferences run in various parts of the world which are attended by 1,500 or more conference participants each year. Global reach is one of the dimensions that differentiates us in the market place. At any given conference there are regularly participants from 30 or more countries. Some of the conferences have with them master classes in their associated field which are run on the day before the conference. Seven of these conferences are associated with Excellence Awards for which we appoint judges, accept nominations, conduct evaluations and award prizes. The Games Based Learning Conference runs an established annual competition.

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