Qualitative Comparative Analysis

A Webinar

Presented by: Professor Branka Krivokapic-Skoko

Thursday 22nd September 2022

What this Webinar is about

Social scientists often face a trade-off between identifying regularities among cases and accounting for the complexity of social reality. Achieving more “breadth” comes at the cost of the “depth” of analysis. Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) is a technique that combines elements of both. QCA enables a systematic, context-sensitive comparison of intermediate to large numbers of cases, which is enriched with in-depth case knowledge. As such it helps researchers to model several aspects of causal complexity, such as equifinality – meaning that many ways may lead to Rome – and the configurational nature of cases, for example intersectionality and contextually contingent patterns. Rather than focusing on isolated net effects, QCA identifies necessary and sufficient conditions for an outcome. This makes it attractive for researchers interested in finding prerequisites for a given phenomenon, or the conditions under which outcomes (such as compliance, successful revolutions, democratic consolidation, etc.) come about.

Webinar outline

  • Origins, dissemination, variants and uses of QCA; Causal complexity: equifinality, configurations, asymmetry; The notions of necessity and sufficiency, compared to correlation
  • The role of theory in QCA; deductive and inductive appoaches to QCA
  • Sets, calibration, and the structure of social science concepts
  • Truth table analysis and logical minimization; Limited empirical diversity and counterfactual arguments
  • Post-QCA case selection and analysis: identifying typical and deviant cases
  • Replication of a published QCA study

This webinar delivers practical useful information which may be put to use immediately. This webinar is relevant to academics and students from most Faculties, Departments and Schools.

The webinar will be held on Thursday 22 September 2022, and it will run to GMT +1 using Zoom. The Zoom Room will open at 9:45 am and the event will begin at 10:00 am and will finish at 12:00 noon (GMT+1). The attendance fee is £30.

The attendance fee is £30

For further details contact: louise@academic-conferences.org

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