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      • Social Media Networking and Government
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Social Media Networking and Government

Mini track Chair: Dr. Abbas Aljuboori, University of Information Technology and Communications, College of Engineering, Baghdad, Iraq  

ECSM 2021 Mini Track on Social Media Networking and Government  

Governments around the world have discovered the potential of social media for both sharing information and outreach. These new means of communication can facilitate increased participation and collaboration within society. Social media unites several communication channels and can enhance or provide opportunities for citizens to provide feedback for officers and representatives. Guidelines for the use of social media and social networks are relatively new in governmental agencies. What might be suitable for one agency might not be adequate for another. Many citizens already appreciate the comfort of Internet communication and the demand for easy and fast web services is growing. At the same time, issues related to privacy, information leakage, blurred boundaries and online addiction must be addressed when discussing social media.

Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

  • Case studies of the use of Social Media and Networks by any level of government.
  • Implementation challenges.
  • Maintaining privacy and Security in social media and networks.
  • Patterns and New trends in social networking and e-Learning.
  • Trust and information credibility in social networks.
  • Mobile social networking.