ECCWS Keynote Speaker Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECCWS 2020.

Experiences of Policing Cybercrime in the UK: Challenges and Successes

Detective Sergeant Damian Ward

This talk will be an assessment the challenges encountered when Policing cyber space within the United Kingdom and the national structure of specialist policing cyber units.  It will review some of the projects created to reduce the current growth of this type of crime, whilst considering perennial issues such as the transnational nature of offending and the perceived lack of reporting.

A focus of the keynote will be operation Seacoast. Seacoast is a a pro-active operation funded by a Europol looking into online criminality against the banking industry.  A suspect within London was identified while committing online shopping fraud, later linked to an international money laundering operation and convicted of laundering £1 million.  It was identified he had been involved in Romance Scams and other fraud types for years while part of an organised crime group laundering money through clothing recycling companies.

A Comprehensive Cyber Recovery Operational Framework

Dr. Cyril Onwubilko

There are increasing number of cyber incidents and data breaches almost on a daily basis. This is partly because cyber security controls can sometimes be evaded, and advanced techniques that should be used for the ‘common good’, for example Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning have been shown to be used for adversarial purposes. This realisation that cyber incidents cannot be completely avoidable has made cyber resilience an extremely important preposition of any comprehensive and reliable cyber security strategy. Despite the importance, very little contributions exist on cyber recovery[1]a core aspect of the cyber resilience, and cyber security standard. This keynote will present our comprehensive cyber recovery operational framework. An adaptive, robust framework that can be used as ‘it is’, or adapted by an organisation to create its own cyber recovery manual or operative.

[1] Cyber recovery is used interchangeably with recovery, and in this paper the mean one and the same thing