ECCWS Keynote Speaker Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECCWS 2021

Current Cyber Crime Patterns and Trends, and Staying Cyber Aware

Every year nearly 30,000 cyber crimes are reported to UK Law Enforcement with victims reporting financial losses in the millions. Raising awareness of cyber crime and cybersecurity issues amongst businesses and individuals, and encouraging the reporting of these crimes is therefore a critical element of Law Enforcement’s efforts to combat cyber crime, a role fulfilled by the Cyber PROTECT Network.

In this session, Regional Cyber PROTECT Officers Louisa Murphy and Keith Terrill will be discussing current patterns and trends being seen in reports to police and during investigations of Computer Misuse offences, and some of the often simple steps businesses and individuals can take to significantly strengthen their cyber resilience.

What you will take away from this session:

  • Identify common cyber crimes and how they’re committed
  • Understanding what makes businesses and individuals vulnerable to cyber crime
  • How the Cyber PROTECT Network can help businesses protect themselves
  • Reporting cyber crime to Law Enforcement 

Cyber Choices – Helping Young People Choose the Right and Legal Path

The average age of arrest for all crime is 35 – for cybercrime it’s just 17. Cybercrime prevention is a key part of the UK’s National Cyber Security Strategy. In this session, DC Will Farrell and PC Phil Byrom will explain how police are preventing cybercrime from happening in the first place. Find out how individuals on the cusp of committing cybercrime are identified and how police help them make informed Cyber Choices, diverting individuals away from crime to do positive things with their computer skills instead.

What you will take away from this session:

  • Overview of types of cybercrime
  • Understand what police are doing to Prevent cybercrime
  • Identify common pathways into cybercrime
  • Awareness of positive diversions for young people