ECCWS Keynote Speaker Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECCWS 2024

Ten Practical Hindrances to Building Cyber Defence

Led By: Colonel Janne Jokinen

Cyber warfare and security, as stated in the name of this conference, is often thought as a technical field and outsourced to nerdy specialists. However, as cyber is a domain of military operations, as it has a global reach within microseconds, and as it potentially devastates lives of civilian populations, cyber warfare must be compared to strategic weapon systems. It is not easy to understand and handle cyber defence strategically, though, nor it is easy to operationalize a fully new domain. This keynote presentation goes through various practical hindrances to building national cyber defence, as observed by the speaker.

Geopolitics and Cyberspace: Key Implications for National Cybersecurity Policies and Strategies

Led By: Stefan Lee

In the keynote speech, some of the main challenges and opportunities stemming from  current and emerging trends in cyberspace, as constantly evolving and contested domain of geopolitical rivalry and strategic contestation, for developing and implementing national cybersecurity policies and strategies will be addressed from the Finnish perspective.