ECKM Submission Topics

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
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The fundamentals of Knowledge ManagementKnowledge Management in the organisation
      • Maturity models
      • Strategies
      • Success factors
      • Process Knowledge
      • Ontologies and knowledge representation
      • Benchmarking of knowledge management activities
      • Change management, KM in business transformation
      • Communities of Practice
      • Organisational learning
      • Tacit Knowledge in Organisations
      • Learning organisations
      • Human resource information systems (HRIS)
    • ¬†
Knowledge InnovationIntellectual Capital
      • ¬†Establishing Innovation networks
      • ¬†Managing intellectual capital
      • Intellectual capital in higher education institutions
Knowledge Management SystemsKnowledge Management in Practice
      • Architectures
      • Configuring and combining knowledge structures
      • Content management systems
      • Frameworks
      • Asset valuation models
      • Tacit knowledge capture and dissemination
      • Case studies and best practices
      • KM in SME‚Äôs
      • KM in the Public Sector
      • KM in Project Management
      • KM success stories and failures
      • The role of KM in economic recovery
      • KM and Web 2.0
      • National Knowledge Management Styles
Knowledge SharingThe knowledge economy
      • Knowledge creation and sharing mechanisms
      • Knowledge sharing between¬†different groups and organizations
      • Knowledge sharing and stakeholder involvement
      • Knowledge sharing tools and practices
      • Knowledge sharing and organisational culture
      • ¬†Managing services in the knowledge economy
Knowledge Dynamics