Ethics Policy for Publishing in the Conference Proceedings of Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited

Authors/ Researchers will:

      1. Ensure that all researched work submitted is original, prepared to a high scholarly standard and fully referenced using the prescribed referencing system.
      2. All researchers are represented accurately and other appropriate acknowledgements are clearly stated including sources of funding if any.
      3. Open and full disclosure of the source of all data and how it was acquired.
      4. Certify that all the data has been acquired in keeping with recognised ethical research practices.
      5. Read carefully, agree to and sign a licence to publish form.
      6. Correspond and comply with the editor and publisher in any requests for source data, proof of authorship or originality in a timely manner.
      7. Co-operate with any consequent investigations if any issues are raised by reviewers, editors or the publisher.
      8. Provide appropriate information for errata if such an event occurs.
      9. Remain in good communication with the editor(s), publisher and any co-authors if the need arises.
      10. Recognise that the Editorial Board has the final decision to publish.

Reviewers will:

      1. Only review papers that are relevant to their own expertise.
      2. Read the papers with appropriate care and attention and use their best efforts to be constructively critical.
      3. Regard the work being reviewed as confidential and will not discuss it with others and will keep their own identity from authors.
      4. Review submitted work in a timely manner.
      5. Report any suspected ethical misconduct which appears in the work.
      6. Avoid any offensive language in their appraisals of the papers.
      7. Agree to review future versions of the work and provide follow up advice.
      8. Seek advice from the editor if anything is unclear at any time during the review process or if there is any possible conflict of interest.
      9. Communicate with both the publisher and editor in a timely fashion.
      10. Treat all papers reviewed fairly without any favour of prejudice.

Editors will:

      1. Only authorise for publication content of the highest quality.
      2. Ensure that a thorough, objective and blind peer review is conducted for original article submissions.
      3. Clearly identify articles which will not be bdouble-blind peer reviewed (i.e. non-academic papers).
      4. Be transparent with regards to the review and publication process with appropriate care that individuals will not be identified when it is inappropriate to so do.
      5. Provide advice to the authors during the submission process when necessary.
      6. Provide the right to appeal any editorial decision.
      7. Be attentive to the possibility of third party material being included in papers for which there may not be sufficient permission.
      8. Be prepared to publish errata when necessary.
      9. Communicate with both the publisher and the author(s)in a timely manner.
      10. Treat all submissions fairly without any favour of prejudice.

Administrators will:

      1. Log all submissions received in a timely manner.
      2. Acknowledge receipt of submission to the lead author.
      3. Check the title of the paper and the abstract for relevance to the conference and where it is not relevant inform the author.
      4. If the submission form is incomplete, inform the author and hold the abstract until a completed form is received.
      5. Check the paper for formatting, referencing, word count and page length. Return to the author if any of these require amendment.
      6. Forward the paper to a member of the programme committee for review and remind the reviewer of the due date for the review.
      7. Despatch the reviews to the authors and remain as a conduit between the authors and the reviewers until the paper has been accepted or withdrawn.
      8. Treat all authors and reviewers fairly without favour or prejudice.

If an issue of Ethics is raised by a reviewer or the Editor or a reader of the proceedings, then the person raising the issue will be asked to submit the concern in writing to the publisher. On receipt of this the publisher will present the written statement to the Ethics Review Panel, which will give the matter its close attention. Any report of possible ethics impropriety will be seen as a major issue and will be investigated appropriately. If misconduct has been committed the paper will be withdrawn, an apology will be called for and if not forthcoming the author/s may be excluded from having any future paper considered for publication in a conference proceedings.

Dan Remenyi PhD Publisher

Please complete and sign both sections of this document and return it with your full paper.

We prefer that you print, sign, scan and email by attachment the document, but if this is not possible you can fax it to +44 (0) 118 9724691.

Conference Name:
Title of Paper:
Lead Author name and email:
Contact Author name (if different):
Contact Author email:
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I have followed the style guidelines described in the model paper. See   
I have followed the Harvard style of referencing as described in the model paper. See    
My pictures and tables are legible, resizable, fit within the margins and meet the criteria described in the figures and table guidelines 
I am satisfied that black and white print quality will be acceptable for images in this paper and confirm that pictures have been inserted as .jpg or .gif format.(Failure to do this may mean your pictures are distorted when the paper is typeset). 
I have not exceeded a word count of 5000 words and my paper does not exceed 10 pages in length (2000 words for work-in-progress positioning paper). including abstract, tables and references (Your paper will be returned if it exceeds the word count). 
I have carefully proof read my paper and am confident that the standard of English is acceptable. 
I have attached a passport size photo (as a .jpg)  and a 55 word (maximum) biography of the presenting and/or attending authors (in Calibri 10) (Two separate files please). 
I confirm that, should the paper be accepted by the Review Committee, at least one author has the necessary funds in place to register to attend the conference and present the paper. If I/we decide for any reason not to attend the conference we agree to pay a GBP50.00 paper review fee. 
To attend the conference I will need to apply for a visa and will need a letter to confirm that my paper has been accepted and that I have paid. (note: we cannot help obtain visas but you will need a letter to confirm you have paid to attend so early registration is recommended) 


If this paper is accepted for publication and presentation at the conference, and if the paper is subsequently selected for publication in the special conference issue of a journal, I, as sole author/ as duly appointed agent of the joint authors hereby grant to you the organisers a licence to publish the paper.

Note If your paper is selected for publication in the journal and you do not wish to take up the publication offer you can decline, but if you accept we will not ask you for another permission slip.

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