ECSM Keynote Speaker and Panel Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECSM 2022.

Social Media Today: Platforming Visibility, Recognition and Independence

Led by: Dr Iwona Leonowicz-Bukała

For decades, media in Western countries were serving democracies through informing, forming public opinion and educating civic societies. The Internet was perceived as the next step toward making access to the public sphere more equal and giving the voice to anyone who feels that has something worth saying. Now we are in a historical moment of media evolution, witnessing a tremendous digital shift in all areas of life, also these we had not thought of as being possible online. Due, in part, to the pandemic, we are now strongly supported by online tools in education, work, entertainment and everyday life, to the extent of which we are sometimes even not conscious. We may also not be aware how many groups – formerly highly disadvantaged, as minorities of all kinds, refugees, disabled or chronically ill people – have been empowered by the social media platforms. How do they do it? Why? What do they have to say? And who is listening? Let’s figure this out!