ECSM Biographies

Below are the ECSM Biographies of the Conference and Programme Chairs, Keynote Speakers and Mini-Track Chairs.

Conference and Programme Chairs

Dr Iwona Lupa-Wójcik, is Assistant Professor at Department of Entrepreneurship and Social Innovations, Institute of Law and Economics, Pedagogical University of Cracow. She gained her Doctor of economic sciences in the discipline of management sciences, with a doctoral thesis entitled „Marketing potential of social media”. Iwona has also been involved with writing three popular science books on social media. She has written several dozen scientific articles on social media as well as implementing many research and practical projects related to social media. Over the years she has been the beneficiary of numerous scholarships and been the main performer of scientific grants dedicated to social media. Iwona is an active participant in numerous nationwide and international conferences devoted to management, marketing and social media. She has run a business for many years related to, among others, social media services for business clients. She is an entrepreneurship trainer, salesman, marketing and business strategy specialist.

Dr Marta Czyżewska is Assistant Professor at Department of Entrepreneurship and Social Innovations, Institute of Law and Economics, Pedagogical University of Cracow. She has 22 years of experience as a trainer, lecturer and researcher, who provides training in entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, accounting and finance. Marta’s research is focused on entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, innovativeness financing and startups development. She is an advisor and consultant for many companies, specialising in helping startups to apply for EU funds, business modelling and planning as well as business process audits. Marta works with different target groups: students, companies' employees, unemployed and entrepreneurs. She is the author of a book on “Startups, innovation and risk” (in Polish language) and many scientific articles on entrepreneurship. Formerly head of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at University of Information Technology and Management and the Manager of the seed capital fund “InnoFund”. She also currently owns her own training company called Training, Research & Development Marta Czyżewska.

Key Note Speakers

Dr Anna Miotk is an assistant professor at the Department of Social Communication and Public Relations, Faculty of Journalism, Information and Bibliology at University of Warsaw. Her main research areas are the internet (especially social media), relations between the internet and society, and media influence. Since 2007, she has been cooperating with universities as an external lecturer, providing lectures and workshops in part-time and postgraduate studies. She has been working i.a. for SWPS University, Jagiellonian University, SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Kozminski University. She also has practical work experience in media research and business communication. Since 2014, she has been working at Polish Internet Research as the communication director. She is also a business trainer, her competences are confirmed by the certificate of the House of Skills Trainers School. She provides training in the field of marketing and PR. Author of books, book chapters and articles in scientific and industry media, and a blog.

Mini Track Chairs

Małgorzata Budzanowska-Drzewiecka is an assistant professor at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, where she teaches marketing communications cross-cultural differences, and research methodology. Her research interests centre on consumer behaviours and communication on the Internet, especially in social media. Specific focus is on the persuasiveness of electronic word of mouth communication. Her current research activity includes individuals’ pro-environmental behaviours. Her research has been published in a number of peer-reviewed journals. 

 Nuran Öze is Assoc. Prof. Dr., Acting Dean of Faculty of Communication, Head of Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, Chair of Department of Visual Communication Design in Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD), Northern Cyprus. She especially interested in culture, communication, gender, PR and specifically with social media. In recent years she has researched social media usage patterns and its effect on society, social media addiction, identity construction on social media. She is an author and co-author of several articles and book chapters on the above mentioned research areas. 

Dr Joanna Rosak-Szyrocka, is a Lecturer at Częstochowa University of Technology in Poland, the Vice President of the Qualitas Foundation and a member of the Polish ISO 9000 Forum Club. Joanna has author/co-authored  221 scientific publications in prestigious journals, chapters in monographs and conference materials as well as co-authoring 20 scientific monographs. She has been a participant of the Erasmus + international exchange, during which she conducted a series of international lectures in England, Slovenia, Slovakia and Italy.

Justyna Żywiołek is a doctor of engineering at the Faculty of Management of the Częstochowa University of Technology. She deals with the management of information and knowledge, and their security. Justyna is also a personal data protection inspector and an auditor of the ISO 27000 standard. She interested in the use of Big Data, Internet of Things for security management systems. She is guest editor of many international magazines. Justyna is the co-author of over 150 publications, including articles published in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, conference materials, and research reports.

Workshop Faclitators