Meeting our future needs in Cyberspace

13th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security
8 - 9 March 2018, Washington DC, USA

Location of Conference

National Defense University, Washington DC, USA.

Welcome to ICCWS 2018

ICCWS uniquely addresses cyber security, cyber warfare and information warfare.

For the past 13 years ICCWS has developed into an important conference in the cyber-security field, attracting academics, military professionals and practitioners from around the world to present their research findings in the form of empirical studies, case histories and other theoretical and practical contributions. In addition doctoral degree candidates find this conference a valuable opportunity to network with others and have the opportunity to present papers and posters.

Over the years the Conference has been attended by a variety of security and military organisations including Cyber Security Policy Research Institute, more than 10 national defence colleges, NATO, SHAPE etc.

ICCWS Chairs

Conference Chair

RADM Hamby (Retired)







Programme Chair

Dr. Jim Q. Chen

Dr. John Hurley

A personal message from the Conference Chair

On behalf of the National Defense University, we welcome you to Washington, DC and the 2018 International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security. The National Defense University develops joint warfighters and other national security leaders through rigorous academics, research and engagement to serve the common defense. We hope to have both old and new colleagues join us here in 2018.

At this year's conference we are looking forward and focusing on research that will help us meet our future needs in Cyberspace

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline17 August 2017 Extended until 31 August
Notification of abstract acceptance28 August 2017
Full paper due for review05 October 2017
Notification of paper acceptance (with any requested changes)14 December 2017
Earlybird registration closes5 January 2018
Final paper due (with any changes)11 January 2018
Final Author registration date01 February 2018

ICCWS Publication Opportunities

Publication Opportunities



ICCWS Publication Opportunities

Papers accepted for the ICCWS after the double-blind peer review process, will be published in the conference proceedings, subject to author registration and payment. The conference proceedings have an ISSN (2049-9870) and will be assigned an ISBN on publication.

Additionally, papers that have been presented at the conference will also be considered for further development an possible publication in the journals listed below. Note that journal editors are provided with the conference proceedings and will make selections if they feel work is appropriate and of sufficient quality for the journal. If invited to publish in a journal authors will be expected to develop the work by 40-50%, including a change of title and abstract. Individual journal procedures will need to be followed and there is no guarantee of publication.

ICCWS Conference Accreditations

Accreditations & Listings




ICCWS 2018 Conference and Journal Accreditations

Proceedings of the International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ICCWS 2018) are:

  • indexed in the Thomson Reuters ISI Web of Science (WOS) Conference Proceedings Citation Index
  • indexed by the Institution of Engineering and Technology in the UK.
  • listed in the EBSCO database of Conference Proceedings
  • listed on Google Scholar
  • listed on Google Book Search
  • indexed by Elsevier SCOPUS

The Conference Proceedings are submitted for accreditation on publication. Please note that depending on the accreditation body this process can take up to several months.

This conference is a private event and does not reflect sponsorship or the official policy or position of the United States Air Force,  Department of Defense, or the United States Government