ICCWS Keynote Speaker Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ICCWS 2022.

Developing the Critical Capabilities Needed to Respond to Cyber Attacks on Modern  Cities

Col. Jeffrey Erickson

The dependency between the defense critical infrastructure (posts, camps, bases, and stations) and other critical infrastructure, both public and private, necessitates the need to explore how to synchronize military, civil, and private sector capabilities in response to a cyber event.  The Army Cyber Institute’s JACK VOLTAIC experiment has worked to create public-private partnerships to address this area through events in New York City, New York (2016); Houston, Texas (2018); and Savannah, Georgia & Charleston, South Carolina (2020).  This presentation will discuss how these events were constructed and address ways to expand the concept into new directions in order to increase cyber resiliency in modern cities.

Stranger in a Changed Land

Tony Sager, Senior Vice President & Chief Evangelist, Center for Internet Security

What’s it like to spend a career as a cyberdefender for the DoD and the nation, but homed inside of an intelligence agency?  In this talk, I’ll offer a historical and personal perspective on this topic, based on 35 years at the National Security Agency as a vulnerability finder for the defense, from junior analyst to executive manager.  We’ll take a quick look at lessons learned as cyberdefense evolved from a focus on mathematics and cryptography, through systems and software, and then to “live” operational systems. And we’ll focus on the mission, technical, and cultural interplay of cyberdefense and offense/intelligence as it played out at NSA.