Review Policy

This review policy is followed for all academic papers submitted to conferences managed by Academic Conferences. In the first instance, contributors are asked to submit a 300-350 word abstract of their work. The conference selection panel considers all abstracts that are received by the published closing date. At this stage the key issue is the relevance of the proposed contribution. Providing the work is relevant then the author(s) are invited to submit a full paper of a maximum of 5,000 words. When the full paper is submitted, it is double-blind reviewed by a member of the conference committee. This review focuses on 10 issues intended to ensure that the paper is relevant to the conference, is of a sufficiently high quality to be accepted for presentation at the conference and publication in the conference proceedings and meets the submission criteria laid down by the programme committee. A copy of the Review Form that is sent to reviewers can be seen here. In the event that a reviewer rejects a paper, a second opinion will be taken and the final decision about acceptance made by the programme chair. The conference proceedings are produced in both printed and electronic form with ISBN numbers. Submission dates can be found on the web page for each individual conference. Some conferences include tracks with presentations from consultants, professionals and vendors. These papers are accepted by the committee without having to be written with the same degree of academic rigour. However a paper, as opposed to a set of PowerPoint slides, is nonetheless required  

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