2nd Symposium on AI Opportunities and Challenges (SAIOC)

An avalanche of AI to radically change Society

An Online Symposium on 18th June 2024

Co-Hosted by Mid Sweden University, The University of Gävle, Sweden and and EM Normandie, France.

Symposium Co-Chairs

Dr Peter Mozelius, Gavle University, Sweden, Dr Niklas Humble, Uppsala University, Sweden, Dr Jimmy Jaldemark, Mid Sweden University and Dr Paul Griffiths, EM-Normandie Business School, Métis Lab, Oxford Campus, UK

This one-day online Symposium will bring together a range of thought leaders in the field of Artificial Intelligence who will collectively explore the current state of AI as it is applied to a wide range of different aspects of society. The event will feature 4 keynote presentations, each followed by open discussion sessions. Between these keynote presentations there will be a series of sessions where attendees will have the opportunity to present their own work, research, and/or experiences of AI challenges and opportunities in education.

Click here to download the symposium brochure. 2nd Symposium on AI Opportunities and Challenges (SAIOC)

Keynote Presentations

Click here to download the Keynote Outlines: SAIOC 2024 Keynote Outlines

The allure and dangers of the Silicolonization of our lives
Prof. Dr. Dagmar Monett Díaz, Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin), Germany

GenAI will close the gap between the rich and the poor – A debate
Dr Paul Griffiths, EM-Normandie Business School, Métis Lab, Oxford Campus, UK
Dr Dan Remenyi, ACIL, Reading, UK

Educating the AI professional: The Role of the Tertiary Sector
Professor, Dr. Arnold Pears, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Submit your Research

AI is having a significant impact on how society functions and how it understands its future. Here are only some ways in which this is happening:

  • Understanding the environment including the issues related to climate change.
  • Safety, government regulation and internal governance.
  • AI ethics and fraud.
  • The effectiveness of scientific research.
  • National defence.
  • Education from cradle to grave.
  • Productivity improvements especially in the white-collar environment.
  • Professional performers, scriptwriters, and other support roles.
  • Social interaction.
  • Criminal justice policy and practice.
  • Local, national, and international travel.
  • And many other aspects of society.

We welcome contributions on these or other relevant topics. We also welcome AI case studies from different settings, e.g., academia, business, project management, digital marketing, design, etc. The closing date for abstract submissions is 1 May and we will complete the selection by 8 May 2024.

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The Symposium welcomes individuals who wish to observe without presenting – see the registration link below for further details.

Symposium Programme

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  • Registration with a presentation                                                £100
  • Attendance as a listener without presentation                     £50

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Important Dates

01 May 2024Closing date for Abstract submissions for presentation only
01 June 2024

Final date for Presenter Registrations