Academic Writing using AI

A two-hour Webinar

10th October 2023

Presented by: Dr Kirstin Krauss

The emergence of chatbots and AI-driven research support tools has the potential to challenge, support, and significantly alter our approaches to science and scientific knowledge production. AI tools and chatbots are becoming ingrained in almost all aspects of scientific knowledge production, from supporting topic discovery, scholarly writing, assessment, to addressing theoretical elaboration, disciplinary and contextual relevance, and copyright issues. AI-powered tools can either support or distort our ability to craft arguments in writing. They may affect our ability to defend specific claims in research and assist with topic discovery and information overload. They can strengthen or dilute academic writing.

In this webinar, Dr. Kirstin Krauss introduces emergent cases and challenges associated with AI-supported and AI-authored writing. He reflects on his experiences in generating a mini-thesis using ChatGPT and the prompting that was necessary to do so. He also reflects on how the scholarly community can continue nurturing the integrity and validity of science in the wake of AI, how AI can assist (or not) in different phases of academic writing, and the abilities of generative AI in scientific argumentation and making data-theory links, which should be considered core competencies of scientists.

Topics covered in the webinar

  • Ways in which AI can contribute to different phases of academic writing
  • The use of AI in generating and capturing ideas, considering whether AI can support or hinder thinking and reflection
  • The application of AI in enhancing coherence and consistency in academic writing, particularly in relation to “weaving the golden thread” in research
  • The value of AI in writing genres and its potential influence on individual writing style
  • Ethical AI-authoring
  • AI Writing Tools available
  • Choosing an appropriate AI Writing Tools
  • The Detection Tools Issue
  • Developing into a successful academic writer

The webinar will be held on Tuesday 10 October 2023 from 2:00pm-4:00pm (GMT+1) via Zoom. The Zoom Room will open at 1:45 pm (GMT+1).

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