ECMLG Submission Topics

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
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      • Developing strategic leadership capabilities
      • Leadership and Entrepreneurship
      • The Role of Leadership and Entrepreneurship during Economical Crisis.
      • Leadership and Management Styles
      • Gender and Leadership
      • Leadership for Sustainability
      • Leadership and Entrepreneurship
      • Public Service Leadership
      • IT Leadership
      • The conflicts occurring in enterprises, institutions and social organizations – and their solutions.
      • Interferences in communication within enterprises
      • Leadership in military context
      • Law Regulations and Their Influence on Changes of Companies Strategies
      • Finance System and Its Influence on Companies Strategies
      • Labour Market, Qualification Structure of Work Resources and Culture Conditions of Companies Strategies.
      • Marketing in Management.
      • Analysis of Market Centers Management.
      • Corporate Governance Development and Responsibility
      • Regional Experiences in Management
      • International Relationship in Management.
      • Foundations of Creating, Modification and Changing of Strategies of Companies Development
      • Information Systems and Communication Systems in Management.
      • Science and Technology, Innovation, Industrial Policy and Creation of Business versus Strategies of Companies Development .
      • Logistic Systems in Management.
      • Timetabling in Management
      • Corporate Governance in Emerging Economies
Human Resources Management IS Management
      • Knowledge Management, Competitions and Motivation Systems versus Companies Development
      • Education & Human Development in Management.Competitions in Marketing.
      • Social Communication in Management
      • Project Management Ethics in the Workplace, Loyalty and New Values in Marketing
      • Organization Culture.Perspectives and directions for professional development
      • The cloud
      • Green ICT
      • IS security
      • ICT and privacy
      • The networked society
      • The digital divide
      • Managing big data
      • Evolution of Apps
      • ICT costs and benefits evaluation
      • Enterprise systems
      • IS/IT project management