ECMLG Keynote Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECMLG 2021

10 Years of Evidence Based Management: Challenges, Insights and Developments

Leading and Managing Health Systems During COVID-19 Times

Professor Sandra C. Buttigieg 

COVID-19 is impacting us on a global scale in an unprecedented manner. It not only changed the manner with which we go about our lives as regards life, work, social dynamics and leisure, but it also forced crucial changes in the way healthcare is delivered and received. What comes out loud and clear is that the more effective styles and behavior of health services’ leaders and managers make a difference as regards health systems’ performance, effectiveness, patient outcomes and healthcare professionals’ well-being. This keynote will explore the extent to which leadership and managerial practices have helped to traverse this intensely taxing period. In particular, it will focus on international exemplars to reveal, what it takes and can take, to lead and manage a health system with the goal of overcoming the enormous challenges presented by COVID-19.

10 Years of Evidence Based Management: Challenges, Insights and Developments

Eric Barends

The term `evidence-based' was coined in the 1990s in medicine, though its principles now extend across disciplines as varied as nursing, education, criminology, social work, and public policy. Inspired by the question posed by Denise Rousseau in her 2005 Academy of Management Presidential Address, “Is there such a thing as evidence-based management?”, the approach was then introduced in the domain of management. In his keynote speech, Eric Barends will provide an overview of the development and application of evidence-based management in the past decade and discuss barriers and new insights.