ECMLG Keynote Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECMLG 2019

Stairway to Heaven - an alternative approach to education’.

Prof. Aldwyn Cooper BSc PhD FRSA HSFReg, Regent’s University London

Education is currently facing considerable challenge There is a temptation to believe  that much of this is attributable to the impact of Covid 19.  However, while the pandemic is clearly an important issue, it is far from being the only, or even the greatest challenge that needs to be faced for education globally. The last century has seen radical change in global politics, economics, technology, population growth and popular expectations.

As a whole, education should lead the development of ideas, skills and knowledge in science, technology and the arts.  While the world has changed rapidly, education has failed to change in any real sense.  The introduction of the use of computers and the development of Artificial Intelligence applications are in many ways peripheral to the real challenges.  In this presentation I will suggest a wholly new approach to the pathway for education from pre-school to the highest levels of postgraduate research.

Befriending uncertainty: When life and death decisions are made everyday

Dr Jayshina Punwasi MBChB (UCT), MBA (WBS), a Clinical Manager at the Helen Joseph Hospital in Gauteng, South Africa

Recent global events have highlighted just how uncertain everything in life can be. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the need for resilient leadership and management within the context of good governance and ethical practice to the forefront. The challenges in health systems that many countries have had to contend with for decades were exposed despite massive emergency relief efforts, the goodwill of donors and collaborations with the private sector.

Dr Punwasi will take you through managing and leading a healthcare establishment by highlighting the opportunities within challenges, the importance of mitigating risk, the rewards of growing people and how to make decisions when people's lives literally depend on what you do.