ICTR Keynote Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Presentations which will take place at ICTR 2020.

Facing Uncertainty in Global Tourism: Threats and Opportunities

Professor Enrique Bigne, University of Valencia

The global tourism market is evolving in an increasingly uncertain environment. Uncertainty in economic markets shapes demand and the proliferation of a low-cost approach to tourism. Uncertainty in international politics -including past terrorist attacks in iconic cities such Paris- affects consumer decisions on travel destinations. Also, advances in technology (e.g. social media, eWOM, Virtual and Augmented Reality, tourism-oriented Apps, etc.) represent both an opportunity but also a threat to traditional models in tourism management. In this context, the role of research is becoming increasingly important to gain a better knowledge of the new and more complex socio-technological environment in which tourism develops. From neuroscience to machine learning and data mining, tourism research offers researchers a wide range of methods and data analytics to approach the important challenges facing tourism development. Both marketers and researchers using these new techniques can foster a better understanding of consumers’ needs, including how consumers’ concerns regarding sustainability, emerging tourism markets, and ethics in tourism, affect future business models and opportunities.