ICTR Keynote Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Presentations which will take place at ICTR 2021.

Quality of Knowledge Assurance During The Pandemic

Professor Antonio Carles

The United Nations Sustainable Development initiative is a global objective which is directing a great deal of attention. There are 17 objectives within this programme to be completed by 2030. Of these objectives one of the most interesting is number four – Quality Education.

No doubt, we all agree with this general objective, but here I would like to focus on how to ensure the acquisition of required knowledge under the current circumstances. For example what are the obstacles of creating and sharing of knowledge whilst having to observe the set of restrictions imposed to overcome the pandemic? And what new knowledge could be shared from the tourism industry which has been hit so badly by the pandemic.

This keynote presentation will review the challenges and some of the recommendations implemented in several institutions.

Toward Data-Driven Destination Management: Lessons From Covid-19

Sérgio Guerreiro

For many years, destination management has been a fundamental tool for competitiveness in tourism. Looking towards the sector's post-covid recovery process, this emerges as a critical tool for the industry. Destination management organizations will have to transform into data-driven organizations, using data in their decision-making processes and in the management of the flow of tourists. They will be using tools to maximize the positive impacts of tourism and prevent congestion in the use of resources. In this presentation, I will reflect on the challenges that exist in this area and on good practices to be implemented.