ICGR Pre-Conference Workshops

Two Pre-Conference Workshops at ICGR 2019

Wednesday 10th April 2019

Mastering the Publication Process

Mastering the Publication Process

10:00 - 12:00               

Led by Dr. Aino Kianto, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland

Ability to navigate the complexities of the academic publication process is a crucial skill for any researcher. This workshop will address the key phases and tasks that a researcher is likely to face during the process of getting her/his research reports published in academic journals and edited compilation books. We will discuss issues such as journal selection, cover letter, submission process, and addressing the reviewer comments. Concrete examples are used concerning the perils and potential remedies related with the academic publication process. The workshop is aimed to increase participant skills for research productivity.

Learning outcomes:

  • To explain key issues of academic publication process
  • Outlet target selection
  • Cover letter
  • Reviewer comments
  • Response letter
  • Tackling challenges during the publication process

This workshop is relevant especially to PhD students and junior researchers, but also more experienced academics interested in improving their research productivity.

Open innovation Enablers and Ecosystems

Open innovation Enablers and Ecosystems

14:00 - 16:00                                                                                            

Led by Associate Professor Sladjana Cabrilo, I-Shou University, Taiwan, RoC

Innovation defines how a company, a city, a country, or a society evolves. There has been a change in the way in which innovation has been viewed by the different players over time (European Commission 2011). The innovation paradigm has shifted from a ‘closed innovation’ model to ‘open innovation’ and ‘networked innovation’ and now to ‘participative innovation’. This forms the integral characteristic of Open innovation 2.0 (OI2). OI2 revolves around integrated collaboration, co-created shared value, cultivated innovation ecosystems, unleashed exponential technologies, and extraordinarily rapid adoption (Curley and Salmelin, 2013). Despite all the changes innovation has undergone, a key question around the world that still remains is how to drive innovation potential towards a better future. To be able to answer this question we need to define what exactly constitutes new models of innovation in a contemporary economic sense. For that, we need to look beyond scientific and technological invention and to understand where it actually happens, i.e. where it comes from and where it applies.

Learning outcomes:

  • To explain the change in the innovation paradigm
  • To discuss Open Innovation 2.0 and new models of innovation in a contemporary economic sense
  • To explore the opportunities which open innovation models offer companies, countries and the global society
  • To discuss an open innovation ecosystem involving the quadruple helix of citizens, universities, governments and businesses

This workshop is relevant to students and more established academics, either new to the open innovation field of research or wanting a refresher. As the workshop delivers practical information about innovation change, it also gives practitioners an opportunity to update knowledge important for more effective innovation strategies in the knowledge era.


The cost of attending each workshop is £35 for participants registered for the International Conference on Gender Research and £70 for anyone wishing to participate who is not attending the conference. To reserve a place on this workshop please use the online form:

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