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ECKM Pre-Conference Workshop

Wednesday 2nd September 2020

10:00 - 12.30

Hands-On with Big Data: Calculating Narratives for Decision Making

ECKM 2020 Hands-On with Big Data: Calculating Narratives for Decision Making

Led by Ananda Mitra, Professor of Communication, Wake Forest University, USA

There is a constant increase in the amount of data that is becoming available to all levels of decision makers. Majority of the data is unstructured in the form of statements by the ‘speaker’ who could be creating and distributing digital data such as tweets, comments, and responses to open-ended questions. In this session, the participants will see the principles of gathering the data, managing the data, analysing the data using a specific analytic tool, and finally interpreting the data for decision making. Using an interactive forum, the participants would see how a large amount of data can be harnessed to arrive at action items using the theory of narrative bits – narbs – and the use of narrative mapping.

Learning outcomes:

  • Explain the theory of narbs and narrative mapping of unstructured Big Data
  • Define different modes of unstructured data collection
  • List the steps of qualitative narb based data analysis
  • Explain appropriate use of narrative maps and narb data
  • Demonstrate the use narrative mapping

Workshop Application details:

The cost of attending each workshop is £35 for participants registered for the 21st European Conference on Knowledge Management (ECKM) and £70 for anyone wishing to participate who is not attending the conference. The workshop will take place at the Coventry University, Coventry, UK.

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