AI-Chatbots in Academic Research and Teaching

A two hour Webinar

4th April 2023

Presented by:  Dr Dan Remenyi

The amount of hype generated by AI-Chatbots appears to be unprecedented. It is not possible to recall any other technological development in the past 60 years which has received anything like the amount of publicity and comment this new AI development has generated. And a considerable amount of the hype has been aimed at the educational world. Some higher education institutions including universities have almost been at the point of panic.  Some see it as an assault on the very essence of academe. But actually, this is not necessarily the case and in fact much of what has been said in the media is either exaggeration or ill-informed. In combining machine learning and generative AI, Chatbots are indeed impressive. Using the latest generation of Chatbots one can obtain the impression (incorrectly of course) that one is dealing with a sentient being and the ways these devices can assist education are striking. The AI genie in education is clearly out of the bottle and there is no going back, so the question now is How do universities get the most from this AI technology for research and teaching?

This webinar closely examines Chatbots in education and suggests how they can be integrated into higher education to both the student’s and faculty’s advantage. ChatGPT and other products will be used to demonstrate some of the issues.

This webinar delivers practical useful information which can be put to immediate use. It is relevant to academics from most Faculties, Departments and Schools.

Webinar Outline

What is an AI-Chatbot?

  • Different sorts of Chatbots
  • How machine learning and generative AI drive the chatbot.

The AI-Chatbot in the University

  • Tools to support scholarship
  • The range of AI applicable to academe
  • Evaluating the suitability of Chatbots to teaching/learning
  • Establishing an appropriate strategy for the introduction of AI technology.

The AI-Chatbot in teaching

  • Transferable skills
  • Making sure that that the Chatbot is used correctly
  • How to integrate the Chatbot
  • What to expect
  • Don’t overuse the tool!

The AI-Chatbot in research

  • The Chatbot as a research assistant
  • How to integrate the Chatbot
  • Make sure that there is enough human intelligence!

The ethics of the AI-Chatbot in education

  • The ethics environment for the university
  • Ethics and academic research
  • Make sure the limits of AI in your research are clearly stated.
  • Writing an ethics protocol including AI as a tool and having it approved
  • Sticking to an ethics protocol.


The webinar will be held on 04 April 2023 from 2:00pm - 4.00pm (GMT+1) via Zoom. The Zoom Room will open at 1:45 pm (GMT+1).

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