Dr Dan Remenyi

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After 30 years of full-time engagement in academe, Dan Remenyi is today a partly retired author and teacher with a strong interest in helping research degree candidates complete their masters or doctoral degrees. With an original interest in ICT he has over the years migrated to research methodology and related topics. He has both taught and researched at numerous universities where he has held visiting or  honorary professorships. His research has been published in some 50 peer reviewed academic papers and he is also the author of more than a dozen books on various aspects of academic research. Areas that he has specialised in include case study research, grounded theory method the ethics of academic research. Universities, business schools and institutes were visiting professorships or research posts have been held.
  1. Trinity College Dublin
  2. Henley Management College
  3. University of the Witwatersrand
  4. Chalmers University of Technology
  5. Cape and Peninsular University of technology
  6. University of Wolverhampton
  7. University of Winchester
  8. University of Brunel
  9. Waterford Institute of Technology
  10. Letterkenny Institute of Technology
  11. University of Reading
  12. University of South Africa
  Research Text Books
  • Field Methods for Academic Research, Academic Publishing, Reading, UK, 2010 1st Edition
  • Case Study Research, Academic Publishing, Reading, UK, 2011 1st Edition
  • Grounded Theory, Academic Publishing, Reading, UK, 2013 1st Edition
  • Statistics using Excel, Academic Publishing, Reading, UK, 2010,
  • Ethics Protocols and Ethics Committees, Academic Publishing, Reading, UK, 2011,
  • Writing Up Your Dissertation, Academic Publishing, Reading, UK, 2012, 2nd Edition 2013
  Recent Papers
  • Researchers beware of Predatory and Counterfeit Journals - Are academics gullible? The Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods, In Press, (2016)
  • The Knowledge Café as a theory refinement opportunity. The Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods, (2016)
  •  Plagiarism and Ghost Writing. South African Journal of Science, 112(5/6), (2016)