ICCWS Pre-Conference Workshops

Wednesday 11th March 2020

How Cyber Warfare and Information Operations are changing Everything!

Presented by: Dr Leigh Armistead
10:00 - 16:30

Pre-Conference-Cyber_Workshop_outline-Leigh-Armistead-1.pdf (202 downloads)  

This one-day seminar presents an overview of the key issues which are of concern in today’s challenging world of cyber warfare and cyber security. There is increasing concern that our systems are vulnerable to attack from numerous sources and that these attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. It is therefore essential to understand these threats and to be able to create and implement a robust policy of self defence. This programme takes participants through all the important issues to be considered to ensure that cyber attacks do not disrupt an organization’s operations.

Program outline

1000 Cyber Warfare Threat

The inter-complexity of 21st century society through a national lens, a corporate lens and a personal lens and society’s increasing dependence of cyber assets and their effective functioning. Cyber attacks at a National level, a Corporate level and a Personal level and the drivers for the need to increase levels of cyber security at a national level, a corporate level and at a personal level.  The need for continual review as Cyber Warfare incidents continue to increase.

1050 Break 1100 Cyber Security Challenges

Cyber has changed the nature of risk and the fundamental responses, to include minimising the possibility of a loss and the creation of operations continuity programmes designed to survive whatever loss is incurred.  This discussion evaluates options for meeting these challenges and prioritising risk.

1150 Lunch

1230 Social Media and IW

Warfare is now conducted using social media which challenges traditional models and this lecture focuses on developing a new processes, variables and possible solutions.  This analysis will review the financial and operational dimensions, as well as potential new approaches.

1320 Break

1330 Cyber Forensic Challenges Forensics has changes with cyber creating new challenges, and this topic focuses on addressing these issues, for all stakeholders.  Key to this discussion will be the tools and training required to meet these changing threats, as well as the privacy and legal requirements for audits.

1420 Break

1430 Cyber Threats to ICS

The threat to Industrial Control Systems is growing fast, as actors understand their ability to damage or destroy these key components.  Greater focus is being leveraged on these resources with the need for continuous feedback, and the identification of potential internal and external exposures.

1520 Break

1530 Privacy and Cyber Espionage

This lecture centers on the nature of potential losses and their associated risks including accidents, malware intrusions, denial of service, theft of personal data and other assets, corporate and personal identity theft from a privacy aspect.  Discussions will talk to the never-ending nature of the cyber espionage challenge.

1630 Close of day

Workshop Application Details

The workshop will be held on Wednesday 11th March 2020 at Old Dominion University (ODU), Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

The attendance fee for those registered for the International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security is £50. For those not registered for the conference, the fee is £100. To reserve a place please email Elaine Hayne on Elaine@academic-conferences.org

Towards a Better Cybersecurity Culture

Presented by: Miguel Toro and Ariel Pinto, Old Dominion University (ODU), Norfolk, Virginia, USA

ICCWS-2020-Workshop-form-Cybersecurity-Culture-Framework-V2.1.pdf (139 downloads)  

It is necessary for all organizations to have a healthy cybersecurity culture. This cybersecurity culture includes policies, processes, and, technologies and how the members of an organization create them and interact with them. Cybersecurity culture can be characterized through certain components that organizations govern aiming to create a safer use of the cyberspace. This workshop will allow participants to evaluate the importance of those components in their organization. They will be able to adapt this frame, making it suitable for their needs and identify strategies appropriate for improving the cybersecurity culture focusing in one or another component. The goal is building an intervention strategy that optimize resources and maximize the impact of a management intervention over the cybersecurity culture in an organization.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Recognize and evaluate the components that determines cybersecurity culture in an organization.
  • Create a customized framework for improving cybersecurity culture in the participant’s organization.

Workshop Application Details

The workshop will be held on Wednesday 11th March 2020 at Old Dominion University (ODU), Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

The attendance fee for this workshop is £35 for those attending ICCWS and £70 for those not attending the conference. To book a place and for more information please email elaine@academic-conferences.org