ECEL Pre-Conference Workshops

27th October 2021

Hosted by University of Applied Sciences HTW Berlin, Germany

Collaborative Card-Based Learning Objective Design

Led by: Moritz Philip Recke and Stefano Perna, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

11:00 – 13:00

The presenters will introduce a Learning Objective Design Board as a practical tool to make the process of defining Learning Objectives and Assessment Strategies for any type of educational experience easier, more creative, collaborative and even playful.

The board is based on the well established Bloom’s Taxonomy and provides an interactive approach to curriculum design while ensuring conceptual and procedural consistency. The Learning Objective Design Board is aimed at educators, instructional designers or anyone tasked with creating educational content, ranging from classes, workshops, seminars or video tutorials to entire courses in school or university.

After brief introduction of the theory behind the approach, the participants will be divided in small groups and invited to collaboratively design exemplary learning objectives and constructively aligned assessment strategies for an educational course of their choosing by using different canvases and cards provided on the Learning Objective Design Board.

The groups will rejoin afterwards to share and reflect upon their results. An interactive discussion will be moderated by the presenters to collect feedback, reflections and actions points to develop this approach further and understand if and how it could be adopted by participants in their practice.  

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Workshop Application Details:

The cost of attending the workshop in Berlin is £50. Should the workshop change to run as a virtual event the cost will be £25. For further details, please contact:

Workshop information and to register here:

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Experiences in developing and implementing online remote laboratory and simulations for eLearning

Led by:  Dr Sheryl Williams, Loughborough University, UK

14:00 - 16:00

In this session I will share our experience in the development, implementation and evaluation of our bespoke remote laboratory and simulations which have been successfully used by HE engineering students during COVID-19 remote learning. This project innovatively combines ICTs with engineering technologies to produce an effective teaching and learning tool for elearning/remote learning.

The session will provide delegates with opportunities to discuss the life cycle of such a project from rationale, development and implementation processes and crucially will seek to share lessons-learned including challenges and successes. The session will guide participants through a series of interactive activities and discussions. At the end of the session, delegates will be informed and inspired to design and develop similar remote labs for their students.

Activities in the workshop include:

  • A series of interactive activities and discussions to inspire the development of a similar project for their students.
  • Discussion related to the process, the challenges and success of the project.
  • Gain the tools to implement the concepts presented to inspire ideas for their own projects and using the lessons- learnt to successfully develop similar projects.

Key messages delegates will take from the session are:

  • Participants will leave the session inspired on the possibilities of creating a remote laboratory or similar activity for their elearning/remote learning engineering students.
  • To challenge participants to think of innovative ways to aid teaching & learning in HE elearning/remote courses.

To gain the most out of this session you will need a smartphone, tablet, laptop or similar devices as the interactive activities will require you to go online.

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Workshop Application Details:

The workshop will be held the day before ECEL 2021. The cost of attending the workshop is £50.

To register go to:  and for more information contact

 The workshop is linked to Mini-track on Experiences in Developing and Implementing Online Remote Laboratory and Simulations for e-Learning  at the 20th European Conference on e-Learning (ECEL 2021) for more details and to submit to this session see: