ECGBL Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre Conference Workshops: 4 October 2017

  • An Introduction to Eye Tracking for Games on Mobile Devices


An Introduction to Eye Tracking for Games on Mobile Devices.  Presented by:  Dipl.-Ing. Jochen Martin, FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences

Eye-tracking is a state-of-the art tool to assess and improve player experience on computers and mobile devices. This workshop introduces participants to the topic of eye-tracking and presents possible scenarios for the assessment of mobile games.

After a short theoretical introduction about of eye-tracking technology, possible scenarios as well as data visualization and analysis methods for the assessment of mobile games will be discussed. Two different eye-tracking systems (Tobii X2-60, SMI ETG2) will be available for testing and hands-on experience.

The workshop is open to anyone with an interest in eye tracking, and no prior experience is necessary. It will be of particular interest to researchers, game developers and PhD students.

Additional information on eye-tracking can be found at (

Workshop topics:

  • An introduction to eye-tracking technology and systems
  • Possible scenarios for assessing mobile games
  • Different data visualisation and analysis methods
  • Hands-on exercises evaluating mobile games on Tobii (X2-60) and SMI (ETG 2) eye-tracking systems


Workshop Application details

The workshops will be held on 4th October 2017 at FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences.
The attendance fee for each workshop is £30 for those attending ECGBL and £60 for those not attending the conference.
For more information about this workshop and to book a place please contact:

Pre-Conference Workshop ECGBL 2017