ECGBL Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre Conference Workshop: 08 October 2022



Educational Escape Room Workshop

Led by: Dr Panagiotis Fotaris, University of Brighton, UK

Escape rooms are live-action team-based games in which players work together to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks within a time limit to reach a specific goal. Besides being a very popular pastime for people of all ages, they have recently started to gain momentum in academic circles as educational tools. Research findings have established that educational escape games can create immersion as they combine the strengths of storytelling and gameplay, therefore eliciting high motivation and engagement and so promoting successful learning. This workshop will provide participants with hands-on, practical instructions for how to plan, design, and run an educational escape room. By the end of the workshop, participants are expected to have created a prototype pop-up or digital educational escape room to use.

Workshop outcomes:

Learn the core principals of escape rooms by playing a desktop and digital escape room

  • Demonstrate an understanding of puzzles, themes, and challenges commonly used in escape rooms
  • Critically analyse and identify educational purposes for using ideas based on escape rooms
  • Design, implement, and playtest an educational escape room prototype


Educational Games Development Workshop

Led by: Ton Spil & Guido Bruinsma & Luuk Collou, University of Twente, The Netherlands

This year at ECGBL we will be running an interactive Educational Games Development Workshop, where we plan to make a game in a day!  

We will use the Game of Games, developed at the University of Twente to guide this Game Development Workshop. (  

This event will ask participants to work in groups to come up with a pre-prototype design for an educational game – the specification of which will be provided by the organisers.  

We will start with a value proposition game leading to bright ideas that we will develop during the day. To focus the ideas we will work with a general theme (to be announced). Behavioural change will be leading our MDA design. By the end of the session we will have created working prototypes that can be demonstrated during the conference. In the early afternoon they will be tested on fun, flow and feedback mechanisms.  

The workshop is open to anyone to attend with any level of experience and we expect to have a multi-national group. Numbers will be limited so early registration is recommended. Participants should bring a laptop or tablet with them. No prior experience is required because we aim to have multi-disciplinary groups.  

Workshop Application details

The workshop will be held on Saturday 8th October 2022 at Lusófona University, Lisbon, Portugal. The attendance fee for the workshop is £60.

To book a place and for more information please email

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Registration to attend these workshops closes on the 1st of September 2022.

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