ECGBL Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre Conference Workshop: 3 October 2018


Educational Games Development Workshop

Ton Spil, University of Twente, The Netherlands & Guido Bruinsma, Saxion University for applied sciences, The Netherlands

ECGBL 2018 Educational Games Development Workshop

This year at ECGBL we will be running an interactive Educational Games Development Workshop, where we plan to make a game in a day!

We will use the Game of Games, developed at the University of Twente to guide this Game Development Workshop. (

This event will ask participants to work in groups to come up with a pre-prototype design for an educational game – the specification of which will be provided by the organisers.

We will start with a value proposition game leading to bright ideas that we will develop during the day. To focus the ideas we will work with a general theme (to be announced). Behavioural change will be leading our MDA design. By the end of the session we will have created working prototypes that can be demonstrated during the conference. In the early afternoon they will be tested on fun, flow and feedback mechanisms.

The workshop is open to anyone to attend with any level of experience and we expect to have a multi-national group. Numbers will be limited so early registration is recommended. Participants should bring a laptop or tablet with them. No prior experience is required because we aim to have multi-disciplinary groups.

10:00 – 13:00

Co-creation, Robotics and Games for the 21st Century Skills

Led by Margarida Romero, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, France

ECGBL 2018 Pre-Conference Workshop Co-creation, Robotics and Games for the 21st Century Skills

With Melanie Ciussi, Thierry Vieville, Cindy De Smet, Magali Brunel, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, France, David Kaufman, University Professor, Simon Fraser University, Canada and Vasiliki Charisi, the European Commission, JRC, Centre for Advanced Studies

Digital co-creation is part of the participatory approaches for the 21st education. The workshop will introduce co-creation in games through different cases of the Age Well project (Kaufman) and creative pedagogy (De Smet, Brunel, Ciussi) as well as considering the opportunities of robotics for 21st century skills (Charisi, Vieville, Romero). In the second part of the workshop, we will invite the participants to engage in a city challenge based on the project #SmartCityMaker to co-design a Game Based Learning activity including educational robotics. The game design process will introduce the Learning Mechanics–Game Mechanics model (LM-GM) (Arnab et al, 2015), which supports game analysis and design by allowing reflection on the various potential interactions for the pedagogical and playful objectives. The co-creation of the game will be pursued within a maker based approach in which low-cost materials will be used to create a physical model and integrate educational robots in the GBL activity. At the end of the workshop we will discuss the potential for the 21st century skills development.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Co-creation in game design
  • Learning Mechanics–Game Mechanics (LM-GM) model
  • Prototyping through a maker based approach
  • 21st century competencies (creativity, problem solving, collaboration, computational thinking, critical thinking)

Workshop Application details

The workshop will be held on Wednesday 3rd October 2018 at SKEMA Business School.

Game Development Workshop (FULL DAY)
£50 for those registered for the conference and £100 for non-registered.
Co-creation, Robotics and Games for the 21st Century Skills
£30 for those registered for the conference and £60 for non-registered

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