ECGBL Future and Past

If you would be interested in hosting ECGBL, please read the hosting document and contact Sue Nugus, Conferences Director, for more information.  

ECGBL 2019

Hosted by: University of Southern Denmark
Campusvej 55
DK-5230 Odense M 

3-4 October 2019

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Winners at ECGBL 2019

Joint Best PhD Papers

Digital Game-Based Learning for Early Childhood: Guardians’ Attitudes in Pakistan and Bangladesh
Lauri Pynnönen

Promoting 21st Century Skills with Game-Based Learning in Interdisciplinary Fisheries Education  
Jørn Weines  

Best Poster

Time to Walk Thomas Wernbacher, Natalie Denk, Mario Platzer and Sylvia Titze

Competition Winners

Finished Games

1st Place

Master of Numbers
Bilgen Demirdaş

2nd Place

Enchanted Crystals
David Farrell and Spyridon Blatsios 

3rd Place

Carl Boel


Gareth Kerry Rees

Games in Development Winners

Student Competition Winners

Joint 1st Place

Homeless Monopoly
Jackie Calderwood

Maths Duel
Pierpaolo Dondio

1st Place
Solar Race
Michael Callaghan

Joint 2nd Place
Once Upon a Maths
Mariana Rocha

Hunt for Human Rights
Stephen Farley, Jaia Alexandra Kavanagh, Laura Ann-Marie Masterson, Molly Carolanne Egan, Ellen Kearney, Willemijn Bosschaert, Lucy Edgeworth and Eve Ellen Mathews

Conference Executives

Conference Chair:
Lars Elbæk,
University of Southern Denmark

Programme Co-Chairs:
Md. Saifuddin Khalid,
Gunver Majgaard (PhD), University of Southern Denmark and
Andrea Valente, Torino University, Italy

Keynote Speakers:
Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, Serious Games Interactive
ECGBL-2019-SEN.pdf (127 downloads)

Helle Marie Skovsbjerg, Design School Kolding
Playful Play-Design: Balancing Danger and Safety in Children's Full Body Play

Message of Thanks

We extend our thanks to all participants at the conference, both presenters and attendees and gratefully acknowledge the support of University of Southern Denmark, Denmark and the assistance provided by the Conference and Programme Chairs and keynote speakers. The stream and mini track chairs are to be applauded for their efforts in ensuring that timekeeping requirements were respected by all participants and the chair and discussants of the PhD Colloquium are thanked for their invaluable contribution to this important part of the conference. Finally, we value and unreservedly acknowledge the essential role performed by the executive and programme committees in respect of the double blind review process. We trust that that overall the conference exceeded your expectations; we welcome your feedback

Previous ECGBL Conferences

ECGBL 2018

Hosted by:  SKEMA Business School,
Sophia Antipolis,

4-5 October 2018

Winners at ECGBL 2018

Best PhD Paper
Game Co‐Creation with Young Music Students: A Pedagogic Approach to Promote Creativity and Engagement
Astrid Patricia Marin Jimenez, Laval University, Quebec, Canada

Best Poster
Learning and Identity Construction through Gamification in Visual Art Education: A Student Perspective
Matilda Ståhl, Åbo Akademi University, Vasa, Hannah Kaihovirta, University of Helsinki and Minna Rimpilä, Vasa övningsskola, Finland

6th International Educational Game Competition Winners
Overall Joint Winners 
and Winner of the Computer and VR Game Category
The Chantry
David Moore, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

and winner of the Non-Digital Games Category
Crabs & Turtles

Katerina Tsarava, Leibniz Institut fuer Wissensmedien and Luzia Leifheit, University of Tübingen, Germany

Winner of the App Based Category
Tanja Trobok, Vretta Inc., Canada

Winner of the Web Based Category
Miky Ronan, Faculty of Instructional Technologies, Holon Institute of Technology  

Conference Executives 

Conference Chair:
Dr Melanie Ciussi, 
SKEMA Business School, Sophia Antipolis, France

Programme Co-Chairs:
Dr Sophie Gay Anger, 
Sophia Antipolis, France and 
Dr Margarida Romero, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis

Keynote Speakers:
Dr Sylvester Arnab, Coventry University, UK
The Magic Circle of Playful and Gameful Co-Creation

Dr Jacob Habgood, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Do Books Work? (and other questions we probably shouldn’t ask)

Dr Eric Sanchez, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Don’t Forget the Beans!

2nd Games in Development Competition Winners

1st  Place
Project Honduras
Stephen Farleyand Jen Murphy, Trócaire, Ireland

2nd Place
Antonio Zimmerman, UNTREF, Argentina

3rd Place
Marketemy Chak

Hei So, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong