ECCWS Workshop

Cyber Security Masterclass: 6 July 2016

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Presented by Dr Leigh Armistead

This one day seminar presents an overview of the key issues which are of concern in today’s challenging world of cyber warfare and cyber security.

There is increasing concern that our systems are vulnerable to attack from numerous sources and that these attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. It is therefore essential to understand these threats and to be able to create and implement a robust policy of self defence.

This programme takes participants through all the important issues to be considered to ensure that cyber attacks do not disrupt an organization’s operations.

Programme outline

0930: Cyber Warfare and Cyber Security

The inter-complexity of 21st century society through a national lens, a corporate lens and a personal lens and society’s increasing dependence of cyber assets and their effective functioning.

Cyber attacks at a National level, a Corporate level and a Personal level and the drivers for the need to increase levels of cyber security at a national level, a corporate level and at a personal level.

The nature of potential losses and their associated risks including accidents, malware intrusions, denial of service, theft of personal data and other assets, corporate and personal identity theft.

The need for continual review as Cyber Warfare incidents continue to increase.

1100: Refreshments

1115: Risk as a central issue in Cyber Warfare and Cyber Security

The nature of risk and the two fundamental responses to all risks. Minimising the possibility of a loss and the creation of operations continuity programmes designed to survive whatever loss is incurred.

The need for continuing environmental scanning and education.

The cyber security audit. Identifying the potential internal and external exposures.

Evaluating and prioritising risk.

1300: Lunch

1400: The Cyber Warfare and Cyber Security Model

Developing a cyber security model. Identifying and evaluating variables. What-if analysis and what-then analysis. What are the financial and operational dimensions.

1500: Policy issues as a first defence against Cyber terrorism, Cyber blackmail and Cybervandalism 

Creating a cyber security policy. Top down and bottom up issues. The need to have an informed and committed set of stakeholders.

1530: From policy to operational plans.

The management plan and the resources plan. The need for continuous feedback.

1600: Can the Cyber war be won?

The never-ending nature of the cyber security challenge.

1630: Close of day.

The seminar will be held on 6 July 2016 at the Bundeswehr UniversityThe Seminar will run from 09:30 until 16:30.

The attendance fee for those registered for the International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security is £50. For those not registered for the conference, the fee is £100. Fees include an electronic copy of the course materials and tea/coffee on arrival.

To reserve a place please email Sue Nugus on

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