Transforming the Academic Researcher in the Age of Social Media

Transforming the Academic Researcher in the Age of Social Media

EM-Normandie Business School, Oxford City College, Oxford, UK

Workshop, 30 April 2019, from 10:00 to 16:30

Led by Dr Werner Krings, MScFP, MScBMR, DBA

Social Media is becoming a fundamental game changer in the way research is conducted in that it can offer unique opportunities for researchers to network with peers, prospective informants and others who can collaborate with academic research projects. The academic world is undergoing substantial changes. Old-school methods to initiate contacts and develop relationships are becoming obsolete as digital media increasingly enhance communication and information exchange. In this respect establishing a digital presence and creating a personal “brand” can contribute substantially to facilitating academic research. By either joining or creating appropriate Internet groups the researcher can establish him/herself as a significant player in his/her field of study. This can be achieved in a number of ways using different social media products through the Web. Improved networking is a primary objective of this seminar which may be used to learn more about potential informants, other researchers, reviewers and commentators as well as leaders in the professional world. As such the knowledge acquired from the seminar will facilitate the application of different methodologies.

This seminar is relevant to both those who are starting out on a research journey and those who are finishing and want to establish a position for themselves in the research community. Professional social media products including LinkedIn, Blogs,, and Research Gate are the focus of this seminar.

  • Leverage various Social Media platforms for relationship building in the sphere of a researcher.
  • Leading Social Media Networking Sites, setting up personal profiles, and highlighting key features & benefits, while minimising the risks.
  • Implement a personal branding strategy.
  • The ‘portfolio of relationships’ for researchers
  • Innovative forms of engagement for various social media platforms to co-create new solutions with current and future research peers.
  • Strength-of-Weak-Ties-Theory as a base to build Social Capital and secure support.
  • The art of social media story-telling

Transforming the Academic Researcher in the Age of Social Media

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