Qualitative Research

A Webinar

Presented by: Prof. Dan Remenyi

Tuesday 18th January 2022

What this webinar is about

Qualitative research provides a strategy for producing interesting research results from complex research questions which can be in delivered a highly efficient and effective way. But this approach is challenging both from a conceptual point of view as well as the practical techniques required to produce useful results. The qualitative researcher needs to have a clear perspective of the many issues which must be considered to make qualitative research rigorous and thus acceptable to the academic community. This obviously applies to both research degree work and the publishing of research in academic journals.

Topics covered in the seminar

  • Empirical research, knowledge claims, the interpretivist position, types of data, how qualitative research fits into the greater scheme of academic research, a holistic view versus a reductionist stance
  • Define data, analysis and interpretation and discuss the need to craft an argument
  • The range of qualitative research-based techniques i.e. some of the qualitative research traditions and the issue of research methodology in academe
  • The complexity of data and its management, sources of data, data sampling, access to informants, gatekeepers, bias, the importance of triangulation
  • The data choices for a research project, the data suitability matrix
  • Data integrity, data collection and preparation, the transcription issue, distinguishing between data and noise, data security issues, Data ethics issues and the ethics protocol

This webinar delivers practical useful information which can be put to immediate use. It is relevant to academics from most Faculties, Departments and Schools.

The webinar will be held on Tuesday 18 January 2022, and it will run to GMT time using Zoom. The Zoom Room will open at 1:45 pm (GMT) and the event will begin at 2:00 pm and will finish at 4:00 pm (GMT). The attendance fee is £30. A free PDF Copy of a Glossary of Research Concepts and Issue will be supplied to all webinar participants. This book may be viewed at https://www.academic-bookshop.com/ourshop/prod_7528614-A-Glossary-of-Research-Concepts-and-Issues.html

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