Field Methods

A Webinar

Presented by: Professor Dan Remenyi

Thursday 10th May 2022

What this webinar is about

There is a large range of possible data collection techniques available to academic researchers and it is sometimes difficult to know which might be the most appropriate to use. In addition there can be a gap between knowing what techniques are available and making them work productively in the field. This webinar works at two levels. It is firstly about knowing what techniques are available and what they can do and can’t do and secondly it is about acquiring some of the practical skills needed to use them. A free PDF copy of the textbook Field Methods for Academic Research is provided to all participants who register for this event.

This webinar has been specifically designed to assist participants make the most from three of the more extensively used approaches to collecting data for doctoral research which are interviewing, focus groups and questionnaires.  

This practical webinar will be help participants to decide which field method or methods are most appropriate for their research and they will have the opportunity to start developing their own protocols.

Webinar outline

  • The Role of Interviewing in Academic Research
  • The Different forms of Research Interviewing
    • Interviewing with a questionnaire
    • Collecting data or evidence for quantitative analysis
    • Semi-structured interviewing
    • Un-structured interviewing
  • The stages of Interview Research
    • Planning an Interview
    • Creating an Interview Protocol
    • Thinking through the detail of the work required to find appropriate Informants and to work with them
  • What are Focus Groups?
    • When are Focus Groups appropriate as an evidence collection device in qualitative or quantitative academic research
    • Instruments of evidence collection
      • Self-administered questionnaires verses administered questionnaires
    • The 5 Phases of Questionnaire Development
      • Pre-questionnaire research
      • Questionnaire design and development
      • Questionnaire field testing
  • Pre-questionnaire research
    • Examining the evidence required to answer the research question
    • Listing the alternative routes to evidence acquisition
    • The selection of a measuring instrument/questionnaire
  • The buy or make decision
    • Standardised questionnaires
    • Administered, self completion, telephone, Internet questionnaires
  • Question categories
  • Validity Issues
    • Questionnaire field testing
    • Selecting a field testing group
    • Size of the field testing group
    • Results of the field testing
    • Critiques of questionnaires
  • Setting up a field-testing study
    • Evaluating the results of the Field-testing group
    • Re-evaluating clarity and ambiguity
    • Amending the questionnaire

This webinar delivers practical useful information which may be put to use immediately. This webinar is relevant to academics and students from most Faculties, Departments and Schools.

The webinar will be held on Thursday 10 May 2022, the webinar will run to UK time/GMT +1 using Zoom. The Zoom Room will open at 08:45 GMT +1 and the event will begin at 09:00 GMT +1 and will finish at 11:00.

The attendance fee is £30. Fees include a PDF copy of Field Methods for Academic Research, details of which may be viewed at:

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