Case Study Research

A Webinar

Presented by: Professor Dan Remenyi

Tuesday 5 April 2022

What this webinar is about

Case study research method is increasingly important and used by many researchers. This Webinar/workshop explains the main issues which have to be considered before case study research is undertaken as well as providing check lists as to how to go about using the case study research approach. Case study research is not an easy option, and this Webinar points out where the challenges are and what needs to be done to become a competent case study researcher.

Issues which are given particular attention include different types of case study, the issue of how many cases are required, research proposals and research protocols when using case studies, the collection and analysis of data. Case Study Research also addressed the analysis of case study data, the case study write up and how to evaluate a case study.

Webinar outline

What constitutes case study research?

Producing a clear understanding of what is involved and what the objective of the case study research are:

  • The centrality of the research question
  • The inductive and deductive issues
  • The centrality of the story

Different Types of Case Studies

Choosing Appropriate Situations to Study

  • Unit of analysis
  • Single and Multiple case studies
  • Embedded case studies
  • Gatekeepers
  • Suitability profile for a case study

Case study data: Quantitative and Qualitative

The research question drives the data and the data drives the research

  • Opportunism and data
  • First contact
  • Pre-test, pilot or field testing
  • Multiple case analysis
  • Remembering the research question

The research proposal and protocol

The need for planning and the need for flexibility

  • What is the proposal really for?
  • The building of a research protocol
  • Special issues such as ethics

Data Analysis for a Case Study

  • The jigsaw puzzle metaphor
  • Answering the research question
  • Hypothesis testing and/or theory generation
  • One case at a time?
  • The analysis and the narrative

Collecting the data

  • Triangulation
  • Reflections on data
  • Field test data

Writing up the case study

  • Academic writing
  • Different styles
  • What is a successful write up?
  • The structure of the write up
  • Preparing the ground for a successful write up

Evaluating your case study research

  • Different approaches to evaluation
  • Case study form and structure
  • Has the research question been answered?

This webinar delivers practical useful information which may be put to use immediately. It is relevant to academics and students from most Faculties, Departments and Schools.

The webinar will be held on Tuesday 5 April 2022, and it will run to UK time/GMT +1 time using Zoom. The Zoom Room will open at 13:45 and the event will begin at 14:00 and will finish at 16:00.

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