Big Social Data Network Analysis

Big Social Data Network Analysis

Cedar House, University of Reading, UK

6 November 2018, 10:00-16:30

Dr Jari Jussila, Häme University of Applied Sciences, Finland

New developments have allowed academic researchers to acquire easy access to Big Data in order to enhance their research outcomes. This has occurred when there is an ever growing amount of social media content being generated every day, which opens up new vistas to researchers without having to be highly skilled as a computer expert. Social network analysis is becoming an established method of Big Data Analytics that can help with academic research performance.

This workshop will look at both collecting and analysing Twitter data. We will begin with the basics of network analysis and network metrics and then we will work with data collected from a Twitter API using the app pythonnywhere to run Python code in the cloud. We will then move on to social network analysis and visualization of the data using the app Gephi to extract meaningful insights. The aim of the workshop is to give practical advice on using social network analysis for research purposes. The workshop is aimed at anyone interested in collecting and analysing social media data and during the workshop participants will:

  • gain a basic understanding of social network analysis and network metrics;
  • learn to access and collect Twitter data with API’s and third-party tools;
  • be able to execute and modify Python code on the cloud;
  • learn to visualize and lay out social networks using network metrics with Gephi;
  • gain an increased understanding as to what the ‘bigness’ means from data and analysis perspectives.

The seminar commences at 10.00 am and closes at 16.30


Dr Jari Jussila, B.Eng., M.Sc., D.Sc. is a Principal Lecturer at Häme University of Applied Sciences in Finland. He completed his doctoral thesis on social media use in business-to-business companies’ innovation. His research is currently focused on social media, big social data analytics, and health informatics.

Big Social Data Network Analysis Seminar

The early booking fee before October 6th is £150 Plus VAT @ £30 = £180 and for students £120 Plus VAT @ £24 = £144.  For more details and to book onto the seminar please contact Afua at