AI and Research Topic Development

A two-hour Webinar

20th February 2024

Presented by: Dr Kirstin Krauss

AI tools in various forms have become common in academic research, where if used correctly they can be of major assistance to researchers. It isn’t possible to list all the ways this technology is being used as the number of practical applications is too long to present here. However, AI can assist in the early stages of academic research including preliminary literature reviews, topic discovery, research question formulation, and starting to develop scholarly writing skills.

AI technology can be very helpful to those who know how to use it, but it can be a major hindrance to academic researchers who are not adequately familiar with it and who are not properly aware of its strengths and limitations. This webinar will focus on effectively using AI for topic discovery and research question formulation.

The webinar will discuss how to get the most out of this technology as well as potential pitfalls which need to be avoided in its use. The event is of direct relevance to academics involved in research either for themselves or as a supervisor of students. Research students themselves will also benefit from this event.

Topics covered in the webinar.

  • Key scientific claims that should guide the topic discovery phases of research.
  • How AI-driven research and discovery tools can assist in managing research discovery processes.
  • The role of AI tools in starting literature reviews and organising literature, highlighting potential risks and benefits of AI.
  • How systematic rigour should inform the use of AI-driven discovery tools.
  • Techniques for crafting and assessing introductions to research.
  • Dealing with information overload.
  • Criteria to assess research topics and research questions.

The webinar will be held on Tuesday 20 February 2024 from 1400-1600 (GMT) via Zoom. The Zoom Room will open at 13:45 pm (GMT).

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