ICMLG Pre-Conference Workshop

Pre-Conference Workshop - 23rd May 2018

14:00 - 16:00

[Download not found] Led by: Dr Arthur Shelley Many organisations suffer from a disconnect between the cutting edge of practice and the setting of strategy. The team who sets strategy are often somewhat removed from the operational practice of the organisation, and this impacts the effectiveness of the leadership’s plans and direction. This workshop engages participants in an effective strategy map cycle process that leverages the diversity of knowledge and perspectives in the organisation (and beyond if strategic partners are included). These cycles facilitate cocreation of more effective strategy in iterative cycles. This approach connects leadership, management and governance to connect plans and implementation actions towards aligned goals. It incorporates the full body of knowledge assets across the organisation into the conversations to generate more informed and resilient path to sustained higher performance. Workshop Outcomes. Participants will learn about:
  • Identifying the disconnect between practice and strategy theory
  • Creating strategy map cycle processes
  • Connecting leadership, management and governance
Aligned goals with the organisation’s strategy and proposed outcomes

Workshop Application details

The cost of attending each workshop is £50 for participants registered for the International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance (ICMLG) and £80 for anyone wishing to participate who is not attending the conference. To reserve a place on this workshop please use the online form For further information email: annette@academic-conferences.org