ICEL Pre-Conference Workshops

ICEL Pre-Conference Workshop - Wednesday 4th July 2018


The i3 Model: Rethinking how Faculty teach high quality online and blended courses

[Download not found] Presented by Michele Parker, UNC Wilmington, Laura Cruz and Tiffany Baffour, University of North Florida, USA Globally, there is a high demand to train faculty within institutions of higher education to develop and deliver quality online and blended courses and programs, but in many places demand has lagged behind motivation. This workshop, fashioned after the Instructional, Innovation Incubator (i3 model) originally developed by The University of North Carolina, fosters new ways of thinking about the nexus of online teaching, learning, and technology utilizing innovation models pioneered by entrepreneurs. The workshop will begin with the radical re-design and re-thinking of course content and extends to include tailored support, targeted inspiration, and intrinsic motivation in a distinctive blend of instructional modalities. While at the workshop, attendees will interact directly with new and emerging educational technologies, artifacts, and resources including each other. A team of experienced experts will support attendees as they consider creative ways to design online courses or how to encourage others to do this effectively using cutting-edge research on innovation and teaching and learning. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Rethink the Integration of innovative technology into in online teaching and learning
  • Design and create innovative and forward-focused online courses
  • Brainstorm capacity-building projects for new online programs and courses that can be executed at one’s home institution.
  • Cultivate communities of practice within and between institutions across the world
  • Demonstrate how the features of the i3 model work together to increase knowledge, confidence, and experience with online teaching.
This workshop is suitable for faculty, instructional designers and administrators who want to enhance online offerings.
The cost of attending this workshop is £50 for participants registered forthe  International Conference on e-Learning and £75 for anyone wishing to participate who is not attending the conference. To reserve a place on this workshop please use the online form: For further information email: