ECIE Keynote Speakers

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECIE 2019.

Innovation and entrepreneurship during and after the Greek crisis

Prof. Aggelos Kotios, The University of Piraeus

Innovation and entrepreneurship are embedded phenomena in the socioeconomic environment. Relevant funding and investments, institutions, regulations, demographic changes and the overall stability and competitiveness of the economy determine the business environment where existing firms and start-ups are asked to operate. The Greek economic environment has been impeded by the Greek debt crisis and austerity measures during the last ten years. The keynote speech of Professor Kotios addresses how entrepreneurship and innovation in Greece have been influenced by the Greek financial crisis. Not only evolution of these phenomena during the Greek memoranda (2010-2018), but also their current and future state is discussed.

Evaluating the outcomes of Entrepreneurship Education

Paul Jones, Swansea University, UK

This talk evaluates career impact of entrepreneurship education (EE) considering evidence drawn from a qualitative study of alumni within three UK higher education institutions from a retrospective perspective. This study is of relevance to both enterprise support agencies and government policy makers. The evidence indicates that EE programmes provide value both in terms of helping to enable business start-ups and in supporting alternative career paths, through the enterprising knowledge and skill sets graduates acquire during their studies. This study contributes to the literature by assessing these contributions. This evidence informs course design and policy makers regarding the value of EE in creating self-employment and enterprising employees.