ECEG 2016 Keynote Speakers

Keynote Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECEG 2016.

How Mobile Government May Enhance eGovernment: a Strategic Approach?

Ibrahim Kushchu

eGovernment professionals can sometimes find it difficult to decide how to move from eGovernment to mGovernment. Is mGovernment just a total migration of services to the mobile platform, or are there other considerations that build upon existing eGovernment operations and services, and perhaps bring in some unique transformations too? There are 4 systematic ways mobile government can enhance eGovernment. These enhancements might be related to the existing eServices of government entities or they may be totally new and unique mServices that are brought about by the use of mobile technologies. In this respect it can be seen that mGovernment is not just a simple transformation of eGovernment activities to the mobile platform.
  1. Direct Conversion from eGovernment Portal: This is transforming suitable services from existing eGovernment portals into suitable mGovernment services. These are conventional web based services, which are also made available on the mobile platform.
  2. Citizen centric distinctive mobile services: These are distinctive mGovernment services that may not be available in conventional eGovernment, but are made possible due to mobile technologies. For instance, mobile payments for public transport and mobile parking payments; and in general location based provisions of services.
  3. Services for mobile workers: This is field force automation where government employees working outside the offices (such as employees of emergency services and inspection services; patient care at home) are equipped with mobile devices and technologies.
  4. Flexible working: This is about government agencies promoting remote working such as working from home and allowing its employees to use mobile devices in the office and using “hot desks”.
This presentation will consider these four key points, proposing a strategic approach to moving from eGovernment to mGovernment by combining the strengths of both eGovernment and mGovernment.